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sexy /'seksi/
  • tính từ
    • khiêu dâm, gợi tình
      • sexy film: phim khiêu dâm
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 erotic, arousing, exciting, sensual, sensuous, seductive, suggestive, provocative, inviting, alluring, bedroom, flirtatious, appealing, fascinating, striking, tempting, captivating, enchanting, stunning, Colloq come-hither:
She thought he had a sexy smile.
2 sex, dirty, pornographic, obscene, filthy, smutty, lewd, foul, lascivious, indecent, explicit, gross, X-rated, vulgar, rude, coarse, off colour, risqué, titillating, bawdy, ribald, lusty, immodest, rough, indelicate, suggestive, unseemly, improper, indecorous, naughty, shameless, Slang raunchy:
They sat there leering over a sexy magazine.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective (sexier, sexiest)
1 (of a person) sexually attractive: the sexy lead singer + She looked incredibly sexy in a black evening gown.
2 sexually exciting: sexy clothes / underwear + a sexy look / smile + a sexy video
3 (of a person) sexually excited: The music and wine began to make him feel sexy.
4 exciting and interesting: a sexy new range of software + Accountancy just isn't sexy.
sexily adverb
sexiness noun [U]
Collocation Dictionary


be, feel, look | find sb


extremely, incredibly, really, very
I find him incredibly sexy.
| pretty, quite, rather

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