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severely /si'viəli/
  • phó từ
    • nghiêm khắc; nghiêm nghị
    • ác liệt
    • to leave (let) servely olone
      • bỏ mặc đấy ra ý không tán thành
    • (đùa cợt) tránh không dính vào (một chuyện gì khó khăn...)
Concise Dictionary
sɪ'vɪrlɪ /-'vɪə-
+to a severe or serious degree
+with sternness; in a severe manner
+causing great damage or hardship

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 acutely, seriously, badly, dangerously, dreadfully; permanently, fully, entirely:
The accident left him severely handicapped.
2 strictly, harshly, rigorously, austerely, oppressively, relentlessly, mercilessly, cruelly, brutally, savagely, inhumanly, tyrannically:
The boys were severely maltreated at the school.
3 sternly, forbiddingly, dourly, gloweringly, gravely, seriously, grimly, unsmilingly, soberly, coldly, coolly, austerely:
Mrs Gladwin regarded me severely over the top of her pince-nez.
4 stringently, punitively, harshly, onerously, grievously, painfully:
One is punished severely for the slightest infraction of the law.
5 dangerously, acutely, critically, dreadfully, awfully; mortally, fatally, terminally:
I am afraid to say that your mother is severely ill.
6 starkly, plainly, barely, modestly, austerely, ascetically, monastically, primitively, simply, crudely, sparsely, sparely:
The room is furnished a bit severely for my taste.

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