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sequel /'si:kwəl/
  • danh từ
    • sự tiếp tục; đoạn tiếp, cuốn tiếp theo (tiểu thuyết...)
      • this book is the sequel to (of) the author's last novel: cuốn này là cuốn tiếp theo cuốn tiểu thuyết sau cùng của tác giả
    • hậu quả, ảnh hưởng
    • kết quả; kết luận, sự suy diễn lôgic
    • in the sequel
      • như tình hình diễn biến sau đó
Thesaurus Dictionary
follow-up, upshot, issue, result, consequence, development, supplement:
The ruling went against him, but there was a curious sequel when he was suddenly offered an out-of-court settlement. They are showing the film Jean de Florette, together with its sequel Manon des Sources .
Advanced English Dictionary
noun ~ (to sth)
1 a book, film/movie, play, etc. that continues the story of an earlier one: a sequel to the hit movie 'Sister Act'
Compare: PREQUEL
2 [usually sing.] something that happens after an earlier event or as a result of an earlier event: There was an interesting sequel to these events later in the year.
Collocation Dictionary

1 to a book, film, etc.


do, make, write
He's been asked to make a sequel to ‘Peter Pan’.


in a/the~
Some important new characters appear in the sequel.
| ~ to

2 sth that happens after sth else


immediate | strange, unexpected


The affair had a strange sequel.


~ to
The immediate sequel to the price rises was uprisings across the country.

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