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sentinel /'sentinl/
  • danh từ
    • lính gác, lính canh
      • to stand sentinel over: đứng gác, đứng canh
  • ngoại động từ
    • (thơ ca) đứng gác, đứng canh
    • (từ hiếm,nghĩa hiếm) đặt lính gác
Concise Dictionary
sentinels'sentɪnl /-nəl
+a person employed to watch for something to happen
Thesaurus Dictionary
sentry, guard, watchman, watch, picket, lookout, patrol:
The sentinels measured out the ramparts of the fortress with their regular paces.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
(literary) a soldier whose job is to guard sth
Synonym: SENTRY: (figurative) a tall round tower standing sentinel over the river + Large dark pines stood like sentinels guarding the wintry garden.

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