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sensation /sen'seiʃn/
  • danh từ
    • cảm giác
      • to have a sensation of giddiness: cảm thấy chóng mặt
    • sự xúc động mạnh; sự làm quần chúng xúc động mạnh, tin giật gân
      • to make (create, cause) sensation: gây một sự náo động, làm mọi người xúc động mạnh mẽ
      • a three-days' sensation: một vấn đề làm náo động ba ngày liền
Concise Dictionary
+an unelaborated elementary awareness of stimulation
+someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field
+a general feeling of excitement and heightened interest
+a state of widespread public excitement and interest
+the faculty through which the external world is apprehended

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 feeling, sense, impression, perception, foreboding, presentiment, prescience, awareness, suspicion, Colloq sneaking suspicion, funny feeling, hunch:
I had the distinct sensation of having been there before.
2 commotion, stir, thrill, furore or US furor; excitement:
The news of the wedding caused a sensation.
3 hit, coup de théâtre, success, Colloq show-stopper, crowd-puller, crowd-pleaser:
Edith Piaf was a sensation at Le Théâtre de la Verdure in Nice.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [C] a feeling that you get when sth affects your body: a tingling / burning / pleasant sensation + I had a sensation of falling, as if in a dream.
2 [U] the ability to feel through your sense of touch
Synonym: FEELING
She seemed to have lost all sensation in her arms.
3 [C, usually sing.] a general feeling or impression that is difficult to explain; an experience or a memory: He had the eerie sensation of being watched. + When I arrived, I had the sensation that she had been expecting me.
4 [C, usually sing, U] very great surprise, excitement, or interest among a lot of people; the person or the thing that causes this surprise: News of his arrest caused a sensation. + The band became a sensation overnight.
Collocation Dictionary

1 physical feeling


delicious, exquisite, pleasant, pleasurable, wonderful | unpleasant | curious, odd, strange | burning, choking, prickling, tingling | bodily, physical


experience, feel, have
He felt a tingling sensation down his side.
| produce | enjoy
Most people enjoy the sensation of eating.


~ of
the sensation of sand between your toes

2 ability to feel


He gave way to pure sensation.


She had no sensation in her hands.
| lose


come back

3 feeling/impression


curious, eerie, odd, strange


I had the eerie sensation that I was not alone.


~ of
the sensation of being watched

4 great excitement/surprise/interest


great | overnight


cause, create
The film caused a sensation among film critics.

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