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send /send/
  • ngoại động từ sent/sent/
    • gửi, sai, phái, cho đi ((cũng) scend)
      • to send word to somebody: gửi vài chữ cho ai
      • to send a boy a school: cho một em nhỏ đi học
    • cho, ban cho, phù hộ cho, giáng (trời, Thượng đế...)
      • send him victorioussend: trời phụ hộ cho nó thắng trận!
      • to send a drought: giáng xuống nạn hạn hán
    • bắn ra, làm bốc lên, làm nẩy ra, toả ra
      • to send a ball over the trees: đá tung quả bóng qua rặng cây
      • to send smoke high in the air: làm bốc khói lên cao trong không trung
    • đuổi đi, tống đi
      • to send somebody about his business: tống cổ ai đi
    • làm cho (mê mẩn)
      • to send somebody crazy: làm ai say mê; (nhạc ja, lóng) làm cho mê li
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) hướng tới, đẩy tới
      • your question has sent me to the dictionary: câu hỏi của anh đã khiến tôi đi tìm từ điển
  • nội động từ
    • gửi thư, nhắn
      • to send to worn somebody: gửi thư báo cho ai; gửi thư cảnh cáo ai
      • to send to somebody to take care: nhắn ai phải cẩn thận
    • to send away
      • gửi đi
    • đuổi di
    • to send after
      • cho đi tìm, cho đuổi theo
    • to send down
      • cho xuống
    • tạm đuổi, đuổi (khỏi trường)
    • to send for
      • gửi đặt mua
    • to send for something: gửi đặt mua cái gì
    • nhắn đến, cho đi tìm đến, cho mời đến
      • to send for somebody: nhắn ai tìm đến, cho người mời đến
      • to send for somebody: nhắn ai đến, cho người mời ai
    • to send forth
      • toả ra, bốc ra (hương thơm, mùi, khói...)
    • nảy ra (lộc non, lá...)
    • to send in
      • nộp, giao (đơn từ...)
    • ghi, đăng (tên...)
      • to send in one's name: đăng tên (ở kỳ thi)
    • to send off
      • gửi đi (thư, quà) phái (ai) đi (công tác)
    • đuổi đi, tống khứ
    • tiễn đưa, hoan tống
    • to send out
      • gửi đi, phân phát
    • toả ra, bốc ra (hương thơm, mùi, khói...)
    • nảy ra
      • trees send out young leaves: cây ra lá non
    • to send round
      • chuyền tay, chuyền vòng (vật gì)
    • to send up
      • làm đứng dậy, làm trèo lên
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (thông tục) kết án tù
    • to send coals to Newcastle
      • (xem) coal
    • to send flying
      • đuổi đi, bắt hối hả ra đi
    • làm cho lảo đảo, đánh bật ra (bằng một cái đòn)
    • làm cho chạy tan tác, làm cho tan tác
    • to send packing
      • đuổi đi, tống cổ đi
    • to send someone to Jericho
      • đuổi ai đi, tống cổ ai đi
    • to send to Coventry
      • phớt lờ, không hợp tác với (ai)
Concise Dictionary
+cause to go somewhere
+to cause or order to be taken, directed, or transmitted to another place
+cause to be directed or transmitted to another place
+transport commercially
+assign to a station
+cause to be admitted; of persons to an institution
+broadcast over the airwaves, as in radio or television

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 Sometimes, send off. dispatch or despatch, commission, charge, depute, delegate, assign:
The pope sent an emissary to London.
2 communicate, transmit, convey, deliver, consign, address to, mail, post, fax, remit, ship, forward; broadcast, telecast, televise, radio, telegraph:
The message is being sent to all concerned.
3 release, discharge, shoot, propel, fire, fling, project, hurl; cast, throw, toss, let fly:
With a great burst of flame the satellite was sent into orbit.
4 delight, please, charm, enrapture, stir, thrill, move, electrify, Slang turn (someone) on:
That saxophone solo really sends me.
5 send down. imprison, incarcerate, send away, jail or Brit also gaol Slang US send up (the river):
If she doesn't mend her ways, she'll be sent down.
6 send for. call for, summon, order, request, ask for:
I have sent for a taxi which should be here shortly.
7 send forth or out. emit, radiate, discharge, give off, exude, grow:
The object sent forth a strange phosphorescent glow. In the spring, the vine sends forth tendrils
8 send off. send (someone) away, send (someone) away or off with a flea in his or her ear, dismiss, discharge, send (someone) packing, send (someone) about his or her business, Colloq give (someone) his or her walking papers, Slang give (someone) the brushoff, US give (someone) the brush:
I went to the office as you instructed, but they just sent me off with no explanation
9 send up.
(a) lampoon, satirize, burlesque, parody, make fun of, Colloq take off, spoof, Brit take the mickey out of:
In Britain one of the enduring forms of humour is in sending up the government.
(b) imprison, incarcerate, send away, jail or Brit also gaol, Slang US send up the river:
He was sent up for insider trading.
Advanced English Dictionary
by mail / radio
1 ~ sth (to sb)
~ sb sth to make sth go or be taken to a place, especially by post/mail, radio, etc: [VN] to send a letter / package / cheque / fax / e-mail + She sent the letter by airmail. + (BrE) to send sth by post + (AmE) to send sth by mail + A radio signal was sent to the spacecraft. + The CD player was faulty so we sent it back to the manufacturers. + [VN, VNN] Have you sent a postcard to your mother yet? + Have you sent your mother a postcard yet?
2 to tell sb sth by sending them a message: [VN] My parents send their love. + What sort of message is that sending to young people? + [VNN] He sent me word to come. + [VN (that)] She sent word (that) she could not come. + [V to inf] (formal) She sent to say that she was coming home.
sb somewhere
3 to tell sb to go somewhere or to do sth; to arrange for sb to go somewhere: [VN, usually +adv./prep.] Ed couldn't make it so they sent me instead. + She sent the kids to bed early. + to send sb to prison / boarding school + We are being sent on a training course next month. + [VN to inf] I've sent Tom to buy some milk.
make sth move quickly
4 to make sth/sb move quickly or suddenly: [VN -ing] Every step he took sent the pain shooting up his leg. + The punch sent him flying. + [VN +adv./prep.] The report sent share prices down a further 8p.
make sb react
5 ~ sb (to / into sth) to make sb behave or react in a particular way: [VN] Her music always sends me to sleep. + Her account of the visit sent us into fits of laughter. + [VN-ADJ] All the publicity nearly sent him crazy.
Idioms: send sb packing (informal) to tell sb firmly or rudely to go away: She tried to interfere but I sent her packing.
more at COVENTRY, LOVE n.
Phrasal Verbs: send away (to sb) (for sth) = SEND OFF (FOR STH)
send sb<->down (BrE)
1 (informal) to send sb to prison
2 (old-fashioned) to order a student to leave a university because of bad behaviour
send for sb to ask or tell sb to come to you, especially in order to help you: Send for a doctor, quickly!
send for sth to ask sb to bring or deliver sth to you: His son found him and sent for help. + She sent for the latest sales figures.
send sb forth (old-fashioned or literary) to send sb away from you to another place
send forth sth (formal) to produce a sound, signal, etc. so that other people can hear it, receive it, etc: He opened his mouth and sent forth a stream of noise.
send sb<->in to order sb to go to a place to deal with a difficult situation: Troops were sent in to restore order.
send sth<->in to send sth by post/mail to a place where it will be dealt with: Have you sent in your application yet?
send off (for sth)
send away (to sb) (for sth) to write to sb and ask them to send you sth by post/mail: I've sent off for some books for my course.
send sb<->off (BrE) (in a sports game) to order sb to leave the field because they have broken the rules of the game: Beckham was sent off for a foul in the second half.
related noun SENDING-OFF
send sth<->off to send sth to a place by post/mail: I'm sending the files off to my boss tomorrow.
send sth<->on
1 to send sth to a place so that it arrives before you get there: We sent our furniture on by ship.
2 to send a letter that has been sent to sb's old address to their new address
Synonym: FORWARD
They promised to send on our mail when we moved.
3 to send sth from one place/person to another: They arranged for the information to be sent on to us.
send out for sth to ask a restaurant or shop/store to deliver food to you at home or at work: Let's send out for a pizza.
send sth<->out
1 to send sth to a lot of different people or places: Have the invitations been sent out yet?
2 to produce sth, such as light, a signal, sound, etc.
Synonym: EMIT
The sun sends out light and heat.
send sb/sth<->up (BrE, informal) to make people laugh at sb/sth by copying them/it in a funny way: a TV programme that sends up politicians
related noun SEND-UP

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