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  • tính từ
    • nóng sôi; sôi sùng sục
    • luôn loay hoay, xáo động
Concise Dictionary
+be noisy with activity
+be in an agitated emotional state
+foam as if boiling
+boil vigorously

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 boil, stew, simmer, foam:
In the kitchen, a large pot of stew seethed on the stove.
2 stew, simmer, foam (at the mouth), fume, smoulder, burn, rage, rant, rave, become livid or feverish, be in ferment, be furious or incensed, Colloq blow one's stack or top, carry on, take on, get hot under the collar, get red in the face, get all steamed up:
The ball sailed through Mr Griffiths' new greenhouse and he came out seething with rage.

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