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seethe /si:ð/
  • động từ seethed/si:ðd/, (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) sod/sɔd/, (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) sodden/'sɔdn/
    • sôi lên, sủi bọt lên, sôi sục, sôi nổi, dao động
      • to be seething with hatred: sôi sục căm thù
      • enthusiam is seething in brain: niềm phấn khởi đang sôi nổi trong tâm trí
      • the country is seething with labour unrest: cả vùng đang náo động lên vì công nhân đấu tranh
    • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) nấu sôi, đun sôi
Concise Dictionary
+be noisy with activity
+be in an agitated emotional state
+foam as if boiling
+boil vigorously

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 boil, stew, simmer, foam:
In the kitchen, a large pot of stew seethed on the stove.
2 stew, simmer, foam (at the mouth), fume, smoulder, burn, rage, rant, rave, become livid or feverish, be in ferment, be furious or incensed, Colloq blow one's stack or top, carry on, take on, get hot under the collar, get red in the face, get all steamed up:
The ball sailed through Mr Griffiths' new greenhouse and he came out seething with rage.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb [V]
1 ~ (with sth)
~ (at sth) to be extremely angry about sth but try not to show other people how angry you are
Synonym: FUME
She seethed silently in the corner. + He marched off, seething with frustration. + Inwardly he was seething at this challenge to his authority.
2 ~ (with sth) (written) (of a place) to be full of a lot of people or animals, especially when they are all moving around: The resort is seething with tourists all year round. + He became caught up in a seething mass of arms and legs.
3 (written) (of liquids) to move around quickly and violently: The grey ocean seethed beneath them.
Collocation Dictionary


inwardly, privately
Inwardly she was seething, and vowed to get her own back.
| quietly, silently


She was seething at the insult.
| with
He clenched his fists, seething with anger.

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