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seemly /'si:mli/
  • tính từ
    • chỉnh, tề chỉnh, đoan trang
    • thích đáng
    • lịch sự
Concise Dictionary
+according with custom or propriety
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 proper, fitting, appropriate, becoming, suited, suitable, fit, befitting, apt, comme il faut, right, apropos, apposite, characteristic, meet, reasonable, sensible:
You can count on Felix to do the seemly thing in such cases.
2 decent, decorous, proper, dignified, genteel, gentlemanly, ladylike, diplomatic, discreet, prudent, politic:
She behaved in a seemly manner, in keeping with what was expected of a princess.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adverb
(old-fashioned or formal) appropriate for a particular social situation: It was not considered seemly to talk in such a way in front of the children.

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