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seek /si:k/
  • động từ sought/sɔ:t/
    • tìm, đi tìm, tìm kiếm, cố tìm cho được
      • to seek employment: tìm việc làm
      • to go seeking advice: đi tìm sự giúp đỡ ý kiến
    • mưu cầu, theo đuổi, nhằm vào, cố gắng
      • to seek to make peace: cố gắng dàn hoà
      • to seek someone's life' to seek to kill someone: nhằm hại tính mệnh ai, nhằm giết ai
    • thỉnh cầu, yêu cầu
      • to seek someone's aid: yêu cầu sự giúp đỡ của ai
    • theo đuổi (danh vọng); săn đón, thăm hỏi
    • to seek after
      • to seek for
        • đi tìm, tìm kiếm
      • to seek out
        • tìm, nhằm tìm (ai)
      • to seek out the author of a murder: tìm thủ phạm cho vụ giết người
      • tìm thấy
      • to seek through
        • lục tìm, lục soát
      • to be to seek (much to seek)
        • còn thiếu, còn cần
      • good teacher are to seek: còn thiếu nhiều giáo viên giỏi
      • to be to seek in grammar: cần phải học thêm ngữ pháp
Concise Dictionary
+the movement of a read/write head to a specific data track on a disk
+try to get or reach
+try to locate or discover, or try to establish the existence of
+make an effort or attempt
+go to or towards
+inquire for

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 look (for), search (for), hunt (for), go or be after, quest after, pursue:
They are seeking a really good site for a grand luxury hotel. Seek and ye shall find
2 hope, aim, aspire, try, essay, endeavour, undertake:
They are seeking to recruit members for the new party.
3 ask for, request, beg, solicit, invite; demand:
He sought her help and she refused him.
Advanced English Dictionary
1 ~ (for) sth/sb to look for sth/sb: [VN] Drivers are advised to seek alternative routes. + [V] (BrE) They sought in vain for somewhere to shelter.
2 to try to obtain or achieve sth: [VN] to seek compensation / funding + Highly qualified secretary seeks employment. (= in an advertisement) + He intends to seek custody of the children. + We are currently seeking new ways of expanding our membership. [also V]
3 [VN] ~ sth (from sb) to ask sb for sth: I think it's time we sought legal advice. + She managed to calm him down and seek help from a neighbour.
4 [V to inf] to try to do sth: They quickly sought to distance themselves from the protesters.
5 (-seeking) (in adjectives and nouns) looking for or trying to get the thing mentioned; the activity of doing this: attention-seeking behaviour + Voluntary work can provide a framework for job-seeking.
see also HIDE-AND-SEEK
Idioms: seek your fortune (literary) to try to find a way to become rich, especially by going to another place: Many emigrated to Australia to seek their fortune.
Phrasal Verbs: seek sb/sth out to look for and find sb/sth, especially when this means using a lot of effort
Collocation Dictionary


people who are unemployed and actively seeking work
| avidly, eagerly, keenly | desperately, urgently
He was desperately seeking a way to see her again.
| successfully | in vain, unsuccessfully, vainly


They sought in vain for somewhere to shelter.

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