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secure /si'kjuə/
  • tính từ
    • chắc chắn, bảo đảm
      • to be secure of victory: chắc chắn thắng
      • a secure future: một tương lai bảo đảm
      • to be secure against attack: bảo đảm không sợ bị tấn công
    • an toàn, kiên cố, vững chắc, chắc
      • a secure retreat: nơi trốn tránh an toàn
      • a secure grasp: cái nắm chặt
    • ((thường) vị ngữ) giam giữ ở một nơi chắc chắn, buộc chặt, bó chặt, đóng chặt
      • to have somebody secure: giữ ai ở một nơi chắc chắn
      • the bundle is secure: cái gói được buộc chặt
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm kiên cố, củng cố
      • to secure a town with wall: xây tường thành để củng cố thành phố
    • giam giữ vào nơi chắc chắn
      • to secure prisoners: giam tù nhân vào nơi chắc chắn
    • thắt, kẹp (động mạch), buộc chặt, đóng chặt, bó chặt
    • (quân sự) cặp (súng dưới nách cho khỏi bị mưa ướt)
    • bảo đảm
      • loan secured on landed property: tiền cho vay có sản nghiệp đất đai bảo đảm
    • chiếm được, tìm được, đạt được
      • to secure front places: chiếm được ghế trên
      • to secure one's ends: đạt được mục đích
      • to secure a good collaborator: tìm được người cộng tác tốt
Concise Dictionary
secures|secured|securing|securer|securestsɪ'kjʊr /-'kjʊə
+get by special effort
+cause to be firmly attached
+assure payment of
+make certain of
+fill or close tightly with or as if with a plug
+furnish with battens
+free from fear or doubt; easy in mind
+free from danger or risk
+kept safe or defended from danger or injury or loss
+not likely to fail or give way
+able to withstand attack
+financially sound

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 safe, shielded, sheltered, protected, immune, unthreatened, unexposed, unimperilled, snug, cosy:
Fiona feels quite secure in her new house. Considering the success of the company, Bill's job looks secure
2 firm, steady, stable, fixed, fast, moored, anchored, immovable, closed, shut, fastened, locked (up), tight, sound, solid, sturdy, strong:
That button on your jacket doesn't look very secure. Make sure that the house is secure before you go to sleep
3 reliable, safe, good, profitable, healthy, solid:
Telephone shares looked like a secure investment at the time.
4 sure, certain, assured, ensured, definite, inevitable, assumed, evident, obvious, unquestionable, established, probable, easy:
With only two minutes left to play, victory seemed secure for Rangers.
5 obtain, get (hold of), come by, acquire, procure, win; gain, get or take possession of, arrogate:
Tim has secured a responsible position at the bank. She always manages to secure the sympathy of older men
6 guarantee, underwrite, hypothecate, collateralize:
We used our house to secure the loan.
7 protect, shelter, shield, defend, guard, safeguard, preserve:
It seems impossible to secure young children from bullying at school
8 fasten, make fast, fix, affix, attach, anchor:
Secure the cases to the roof-rack with strong rope.
Advanced English Dictionary
adjective, verb
+ adjective
happy / confident
1 feeling happy and confident about yourself or a particular situation: At last they were able to feel secure about the future. + She finished the match, secure in the knowledge that she was through to the next round.
certain / safe
2 likely to continue or be successful for a long time
Synonym: SAFE
a secure job / income + It's not a very secure way to make a living. + The future of the company looks secure.
3 ~ (against / from sth) that cannot be affected or harmed by sth: Information must be stored so that it is secure from accidental deletion.
building / door / room
4 guarded and/or made stronger so that it is difficult for people to enter or leave: Check that all windows and doors have been made as secure as possible. + a secure unit for child offenders + The building is secure against intruders.
5 not likely to move, fall down, etc: The aerial doesn't look very secure to me. + It was difficult to maintain a secure foothold on the ice. + (figurative) Our relationship was now on a more secure footing.
securely adverb: She locked the door securely behind her. + Make sure the ropes are securely fastened. + Democracy is becoming more securely established in Eastern Europe.
+ verb
get sth
1 ~ sth (for sb/sth)
~ sb sth (formal) to obtain or achieve sth, especially when this means using a lot of effort: [VN] to secure a contract / deal + The team managed to secure a place in the finals. + She secured 2 000 votes. + The delegation has secured the promise of a ceasefire. + [VN, VNN] He secured a place for himself at law school. + He secured himself a place at law school.
fasten firmly
2 [VN] ~ sth (to sth) to attach or fasten sth firmly: She secured the rope firmly to the back of the car. + The tables on board were secured firmly to the floor.
protect from harm
3 [VN] ~ sth (against sth) to protect sth so that it is safe and difficult to attack or damage: to secure a property against intruders + The windows were secured with locks and bars. + (figurative) a savings plan that will secure your child's future
a loan
4 [VN] to legally agree to give sb property or goods that are worth the same amount as the money that you have borrowed from them, if you are unable to pay the money back: a short-term loan secured on the house
Collocation Dictionary

1 fix/lock sth firmly


firmly, properly, tightly


The crates had not been properly secured to the truck.
| with
She secured the boat with a rope.

2 get/achieve sth


Victory was not going to be easily secured.
| automatically


be able to, manage to | fail to
They failed to secure the release of the prisoners.
| help (to)


an attempt/effort to secure sth, be aimed at securing sth, a chance/hope of securing sth
trying to improve their chances of securing employment
| succeed/be successful in securing sth



be, feel | become | make sth | keep sth
It's important to keep your documents secure.


extremely, very | absolutely, completely, entirely, perfectly, quite, totally, utterly | fairly, pretty, reasonably, relatively | enough, sufficiently
I finally felt secure enough in myself to have a child of my own.
| apparently | economically, financially | socially


The house has been made secure against intruders.

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