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sectional /'sekʃənl/
  • tính từ
    • (thuộc) tầng lớp
    • (thuộc) mặt cắt; chia theo mắt cắt
    • (thuộc) đoạn
Concise Dictionary
+a piece of furniture made up of sections that can be arranged individually or together
+relating to or based upon a section (i.e. as if cut through by an intersecting plane)
+consisting of or divided into sections
+related or limited to a distinct region or subdivision of of a territory or community or group of people

Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective [usually before noun]
1 connected with one particular group within a community or an organization: the sectional interests of managers and workers
2 made of separate sections: a sectional building
3 connected with a CROSS SECTION of sth (= a surface or an image formed by cutting through sth from top to bottom): a sectional drawing

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