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seal /si:l/
  • danh từ
    • (động vật học) chó biển
    • (như) sealskin
    • nội động từ
      • săn chó biển
      • danh từ
        • dấu niêm phong
          • leaden seal: dấu chì (niêm phong thùng rượu...)
        • con dấu, cái ấn, cái triện
          • the seals: ấn dấu (trao cho chủ tịch thượng nghị viện, bộ trưởng Anh)
          • to return the seals: treo ấn từ quan
        • điềm báo trước, dấu hiệu
          • seal of dealth in one's face: điềm sắp chết hiện ra trên mặt
        • cái để xác định, cái để bảo đảm
          • seal of love: cái hôn; sự đẻ con (xác định, bảo đảm tình yêu)
        • xi, chì (để gắn, đóng dấu); cái bịt
          • vacuum seal: xì chân không
          • labyrinh seal: cái bịt kiểu đường rối
        • to set one's seal to
          • đóng dấu xi vào (phong bì, hộp...)
        • cho phép; xác định
        • under the seal of secrecy
          • với điều kiện phải giữ bí mật
      • ngoại động từ
        • áp triện, đóng dấu, chứng thực
        • đóng kín, bịt kín, gắn xi
          • sealed up windows: cửa sổ bịt kín
          • to seal up tin: hàn kín hộp đồ hộp
          • my lips are seal ed: tôi bị bịt miệng, tôi không được nói
          • a sealed book: điều không biết, điều không thể biết được
        • đánh dấu, dành riêng, chỉ định, định đoạt, quyết định (số mệnh...)
          • death has sealed her for his own: thần chết đã chỉ định nàng
          • his fate is sealed: số mệnh của ông ta đã được định đoạt
        • chính thức chọn, chính thức công nhận
          • sealed pattern: quy cách đã được công nhận; kiểu mẫu đã được công nhận
        • gắn (vật gì) vào tường; giữ (cái gì) ở một nơi kín
        • to seal off
          • cắt đứt, chặn (đường giao thông...); cô lập; vây chắn không cho vào (một nơi nào)
      Concise Dictionary
      +fastener consisting of a resinous composition that is plastic when warm; used for sealing documents and parcels and letters
      +a device incised to make an impression; used to secure a closing or to authenticate documents
      +the pelt or fur (especially the underfur) of a seal
      +a member of a Naval Special Warfare unit who is trained for unconventional warfare
      +a stamp affixed to a document (as to attest to its authenticity or to seal it)
      +an indication of approved or superior status
      +a finishing coat applied to exclude moisture
      +fastener that provides a tight and perfect closure
      +any of numerous marine mammals that come on shore to breed; chiefly of cold regions
      +close with or as if with a seal
      +make tight; secure against leakage
      +decide irrevocably
      +affix a seal to
      +cover with varnish
      +hunt seals

      Thesaurus Dictionary
      1 symbol, token, mark, insigne (pl. insignia), sign, signet, crest, bearing, coat of arms, escutcheon, emblem, badge, monogram, identification, cartouche, design, imprint, stamp:
      The seal on his ring showed a crouching lion.
      2 authentication, confirmation, verification, validation, affirmation, attestation, ratification, corroboration, assurance, guarantee or guaranty, endorsement, substantiation, evidence, notice, notification:
      Management set their seal of approval on the plans.
      3 Sometimes, seal off or up. close (off or up), shut (off), zip up, plug (up), stop (up), lock, bolt, secure, batten down, make airtight or waterproof; cork:
      All exits had been sealed off. They sealed up the windows so that no air could get in
      4 authenticate, confirm, verify, validate, affirm, attest, ratify, clinch, corroborate, assure, ensure, guarantee, endorse:
      The peace treaty was sealed by the marriage of the king to the emperor's daughter.
      Advanced English Dictionary
      noun, verb
      + noun
      sea animal
      1 [C] a sea animal that eats fish and lives around coasts. There are many types of seal, some of which are hunted for their fur: a colony of seals + grey seals basking on the rocks + The annual seal hunt takes place on the pack ice off Greenland.
      official mark
      2 [C] an official design or mark, stamped on a document to show that it is genuine and carries the authority of a particular person or organization: The letter bore the president's seal.
      making sth definite
      3 [sing.] a thing that makes sth definite: The project has been given the government's seal of approval (= official approval). + I looked upon the gift as a seal on our friendship.
      on containers
      4 [C] a substance, strip of material, etc. used to fill a crack so that air, liquid, etc. cannot get in or out: a jar with a rubber seal in the lid + Only drink bottled water and check the seal isn't broken.
      on letters / boxes
      5 [C] a piece of WAX (= a soft substance produced by bees), soft metal or paper that is placed across the opening of sth such as a letter or box and which has to be broken before the letter or box can be opened: He broke the wax seal and unrolled the paper.
      6 a piece of metal, a ring, etc. with a design on it, used for stamping a WAX or metal seal
      Idioms: set the seal on sth (formal) to make sth definite or complete: Her election to the premiership set the seal on a remarkable political career.
      under seal (formal) (of a document) in a sealed envelope that cannot be opened before a particular time
      + verb [VN]
      close envelope
      1 ~ sth (up / down) to close an envelope, etc. by sticking the edges of the opening together: Make sure you've signed the cheque before sealing the envelope. + a sealed bid (= one that is kept in a sealed envelope and therefore remains secret until all other bids have been received)
      close container
      2 [often passive] ~ sth (up) (with sth) to close a container tightly or fill a crack, etc., especially so that air, liquid, etc. cannot get in or out: The organs are kept in sealed plastic bags.
      cover surface
      3 [often passive] ~ sth (with sth) to cover the surface of sth with a substance in order to protect it: The floors had been stripped and sealed with varnish.
      make sth definite
      4 (written) to make sth definite, so that it cannot be changed or argued about: to seal a contract / deal + They drank a glass of wine to seal their new friendship. + The discovery of new evidence sealed his fate (= nothing could prevent what was going to happen to him). + She sealed victory with a birdie at the final hole.
      close borders / exits
      5 (of the police, army, etc.) to prevent people from passing through a place: Troops have sealed the borders between the countries.
      Idioms see LIP, SIGN v.
      Phrasal Verbs: seal sth<->in to prevent sth that is contained in sth else from escaping: Fold the pastry over at the ends to seal in the juices.
      seal sth in sth to put sth in an envelope, container, etc. and seal it: The body was sealed in a lead coffin.
      seal sth<->off (of the police, army) to prevent people from entering a particular area: Troops sealed off the site following a bomb alert. + The road will remain sealed off until the police have completed their investigations.
      Collocation Dictionary

      1 animal


      A colony of seals lay basking in the sun.

      VERB + SEAL

      Environmentalists claim there is no reason to cull seals.

      SEAL + VERB


      SEAL + NOUN

      pup | cull

      2 for a document


      an official-looking letter with a wax seal

      VERB + SEAL

      He broke the seal, and opened the envelope.


      a seal of approval
      Her report was given the seal of approval by senior management.

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