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sea /si:/
  • danh từ
    • biển
      • by sea: bằng đường biển
      • mistress of the seas: cường quốc làm chủ mặt biển
      • sea like a looking-glass: biển yên gió lặng
    • sóng biển
      • to ship a sea: bị một ngọn sóng làm ngập (tàu...)
    • biển (khoảng rộng như biển); nhiều (về số lượng)
      • a sea of flame: một biển lửa
      • seas of blood: máu chảy thành sông; (nghĩa bóng) sự chém giết tàn nhẫn
      • a sea of troubles: nhiều chuyện phiền hà
    • at sea
      • ở ngoài khơi
    • (nghĩa bóng) hoang mang, bối rối, không hiểu ra thế nào, không biết làm thế nào
    • to go to sea
      • trở thành thuỷ thủ
    • to follow the sea
      • làm nghề thuỷ thủ
    • to put to sea
      • ra khơi
    • half seas over
      • quá chén
Concise Dictionary
+a division of an ocean or a large body of salt water partially enclosed by land
+anything apparently limitless in quantity or volume
+turbulent water with swells of considerable size
+relating to or characteristic of or occurring on the sea or ships
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 ocean, deep blue sea, high seas, Literary (briny) deep, (bounding) main, Neptune's or Poseidon's kingdom or domain, Nautical blue water, Davy Jones's locker, Colloq briny, drink, pond (= 'Atlantic Ocean'):
For years he sailed the seas in search of adventure.
2 swell, breaker, wave:
As the wind increased, huge seas began to wash over the boat.
3 plethora, quantity, abundance, surfeit, profusion, flood, multitude, spate, legion, mass, Colloq lot(s), heap(s), pile(s), ton(s), mountain(s), load(s), oodles, gobs, scads:
Hamlet's sea of troubles was nothing compared to mine if this book isn't completed soon!
4 (all) at sea. confused, disoriented, at sixes and sevens, bewildered, perplexed, baffled, mystified, lost, adrift:
They were clearly not expecting her and were completely at sea as to what to do.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 (often the sea) [U] (also literary seas [pl.]) (especially BrE) the salt water that covers most of the earth's surface and surrounds its continents and islands: to travel by sea + a cottage by the sea + The waste was dumped in the sea. + Now the wreck is lying at the bottom of the sea. + We left port and headed for the open sea (= far away from land). + the cold seas of the Antarctic + a sea voyage + a hotel room with sea view
2 [C] (often Sea, especially as part of a name) a large area of salt water that is part of an ocean or surrounded by land: the North Sea + the Caspian Sea
3 [C] (also seas [pl.]) the movement of the waves of the sea: It was a calm sea. + The sea was very rough.
4 [sing.] ~ of sth a large amount of sth that stretches over a wide area: He looked down at the sea of smiling faces before him.
Idioms: at sea
1 on the sea, especially in a ship, or in the sea: It happened on the second night at sea. + They were lost at sea.
2 confused and not knowing what to do: I'm all at sea with these new regulations.
go to sea to become a sailor
out to sea far away from land where the sea is deepest: She fell overboard and was swept out to sea.
put (out) to sea to leave a port or harbour by ship or boat
more at DEVIL, FISH n.
sea / ocean
In BrE, the usual word for the mass of salt water that covers most of the earth's surface is the sea. In AmE, the usual word is the ocean: A swimmer drowned in the sea / ocean this morning.
The names of particular areas of seas, however, are fixed: the Mediterranean Sea + the Atlantic Ocean.
Sea / ocean are also used if you go to the coast on holiday / vacation: We're spending a week at the sea / ocean in June. In AmE it is also common to say:
We're going to the beach for vacation.

- note at COAST
Collocation Dictionary

1 large area of salt water


calm, smooth
a calm sea after the storm
| choppy, rough
The sea was too rough for sailing in small boats.
| deep | shallow | blue, grey | cold | warm | inland | open
The fishing boats headed for the open sea.


We crossed the Mediterranean Sea on a cruise ship.
| go to
(= become a sailor)
| put (out) to
The ship put to sea (= left port)in deteriorating weather conditions.
| be lost at
They were lost at sea when their ship sank en route for Madeira.
| stare out to
She stood on the cliff, staring out to sea.


In recent years the sea has risen by a couple of inches.
| recede, retreat
The sea has retreated a little since the river was diverted.


water | bottom, floor | breeze | creature | port
voyage | cliff, front, view


at ~
We spent three weeks at sea.
| across the ~
We sailed across the Black Sea in a yacht.
| by (the) ~
We sent our furniture by sea. They live by the sea.
| down to the ~
We'll go down to the sea for a swim before dinner.
| in/into the ~
I love swimming in the sea!
| on the ~
three ships sailing on the sea
| out to ~
She fell overboard and was swept out to sea.


the bottom/edge/middle/surface of the sea, the boom/booming/murmur/roar/sound of the sea

2 (also the seas) movement of the waves of the sea


choppy, dangerous, heavy, mountainous, raging, rough, stormy
A week of heavy seas has created problems for fishermen.


roam, sail
He has sailed the seven seas.


on the high seas, the seven seas

3 large amount of sth




~ of
She scanned the vast sea of faces below her.

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