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scratchy /'skrætʃi/
  • tính từ
    • nguệch ngoạc, cẩu thả (tranh vẽ)
    • soàn soạt (ngòi bút viết trên giấy)
    • linh tinh, năm cha ba mẹ (nhóm người...)
    • làm ngứa; làm xước da
      • scratchy cloth: vải mặc làm ngứa
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 itchy, irritating, prickly:
The pullover was as scratchy as a hair shirt.
2 rough, hoarse, raw, grating, sore, raspy, dry:
My throat feels a bit scratchy and I need something to drink.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 (of clothes or fabric) rough and unpleasant to the touch: This sweater is too scratchy. + a scratchy blanket
2 (of a record, voice, etc.) making a rough, unpleasant sound like sth being scratched across a surface: a scratchy recording of Mario Lanza + a scratchy pen
3 (of writing or drawings) done without care: She had scrawled me a note in her familiar scratchy handwriting.

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