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scheme /ski:m/
  • danh từ
    • sự sắp xếp theo hệ thống, sự phối hợp
      • the scheme of colour: nguyên tắc phối hợp các màu
    • kế hoạch; âm mưu; mưu đồ; ý đồ
      • to lay a scheme: sắp đặt một âm mưu
    • lược đồ, giản đồ, sơ đồ
    • động từ
      • vạch kế hoạch (làm gì); có kế hoạch thực hiện (điều gì)
      • âm mưu, mưu đồ (làm việc gì)
    Concise Dictionary
    +an elaborate and systematic plan of action
    +a statement that evades the question by cleverness or trickery
    +a group of independent but interrelated elements comprising a unified whole
    +an internal representation of the world; an organization of concepts and actions that can be revised by new information about the world
    +a schematic or preliminary plan
    +form intrigues (for) in an underhand manner
    +devise a system or form a scheme for

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 plan, plot, design, programme, system, course (of action), schema, outline, exposition, projection, draft, method, technique, approach, game plan, scenario:
    In my scheme, compensation would be dependent on productivity, merit, and length of service
    2 pattern, arrangement, layout, design, diagram, blueprint, chart, map, drawing, schematic, disposition, order, organization, schema:
    This alternative scheme shows the executive offices on the second floor
    3 plot, plan, ploy, manoeuvre, strategy, stratagem, tactic, machination, subterfuge, trick, device, dodge, wile, ruse, intrigue, Colloq racket, game, move:
    Ashton's scheme was to lure the security guards into the outer room, then lock them in.
    4 plan, plot, devise, contrive, intrigue, organize, formulate, hatch, conspire, machinate, manoeuvre, connive, concoct, Colloq cook up:
    Clifton had been scheming to get his revenge on them ever since the Manchester episode.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    noun, verb
    + noun
    ~ (for doing sth)
    ~ (to do sth)
    1 (BrE) a plan or system for doing or organizing sth: a training / insurance scheme + a local scheme for recycling newspapers + to introduce / operate a scheme to improve links between schools and industry + Under the new scheme only successful schools will be given extra funding.
    2 a plan for getting money or some other advantage for yourself, especially one that involves deceiving other people: an elaborate scheme to avoid taxes
    Idioms: the / sb's scheme of things the way things seem to be organized; the way sb wants everything to be organized: My personal problems are not really important in the overall scheme of things. + I don't think marriage figures in his scheme of things.
    + verb (disapproving) to make secret plans to do sth that will help yourself and possibly harm others: [V] She seemed to feel that we were all scheming against her. + [V to inf] His colleagues, meanwhile, were busily scheming to get rid of him. + [VN] Her enemies were scheming her downfall.
    Collocation Dictionary


    major | ambitious, grand, grandiose | imaginative, ingenious, innovative | crazy, hare-brained, ill-conceived | successful | voluntary | pilot
    The project is based on a successful pilot scheme in Glasgow.
    | incentive, insurance, pension, recycling, share, training, etc.


    He has an ingenious scheme to attract funding.
    | come up with, design, devise, draw up, dream up, plan, prepare, propose, think up
    She's come up with a hare-brained scheme for getting her novel published.
    | approve | announce, establish, initiate, introduce, launch, organize, set up, start
    The government set up a scheme of limited public health assistance in 1992.
    | adopt, carry out, operate, run | back
    a government-backed scheme
    | be in, join, participate in, take part in | use | leave
    I opted to leave the company pension scheme.
    | abolish, wind up


    offer sth, provide sth | allow sth, enable sth
    The scheme allows customers to trade in their own computer against the cost of a new one.
    | aim to, be aimed at sth, be designed for/to, involve sth
    a scheme involving local libraries
    | apply to sth, cover sth
    The scheme applies to families with three or more children.
    | go ahead, proceed
    The scheme has been given approval to go ahead.
    | succeed, work | collapse, fail


    in a/the ~
    Schools in the scheme will receive an annual grant.
    | under a/the ~
    Under the scheme, land would be sold to building companies.
    | ~ for
    Is this another one of your crazy schemes for making money? a training scheme for unemployed teenagers
    | ~ whereby
    a scheme whereby the elderly will be provided with help in the home

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