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sceptic /'skeptik/ (skeptic) /'skeptik/
  • danh từ
    • người hay hoài nghi, người theo chủ nghĩa hoài nghi
Thesaurus Dictionary
doubter, questioner, doubting Thomas, disbeliever, nullifidian, agnostic, scoffer, cynic:
You'll always find some sceptics who don't believe that a woman could be a good prime minister.
Advanced English Dictionary
(BrE) (AmE skeptic)
+ noun
a person who usually doubts that claims or statements are true, especially those that other people believe in: I am a born sceptic. + He was unable to convince the sceptics in the audience.
Collocation Dictionary


convince, win over
He has managed to convince even the sceptics.
| confound


argue sth, point out sth, say sth
Sceptics will argue that no such scheme has ever proved successful.


~ about
She is a sceptic about the dangers of global warming.


prove the sceptics right/wrong
Events since the elections have proved the sceptics right.

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