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  • tính từ
    • bị hoảng sợ
Concise Dictionary
+made afraid
scares|scared|scaringsker /skeə
+sudden mass fear and anxiety over anticipated events
+a sudden attack of fear
+cause fear in
+cause to lose courage

Thesaurus Dictionary
frightened, alarmed, afraid, appalled, shocked, terrified, horrified, startled:
Don't be scared, I won't hurt you.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
~ (of sb/sth)
~ (of doing sth)
~ (to do sth)
~ (that ...) frightened of sth or afraid that sth bad might happen: She is scared of going out alone. + He's scared of heights. + People are scared to use the buses late at night. + I'm scared (that) I'm going to fall. + The thieves got scared and ran away. + a scared face / look + I was scared to death (= very frightened). + We were scared stiff (= very frightened). - AFRAID
Idioms see SHADOW n., WIT, WITLESS
Collocation Dictionary


be, be running
feel, look, seem, sound
They had their opponent running scared.
| get


dead, downright, extremely, really, shit
very | a bit, a little, pretty, quite, rather | just, plain
He wasn't ill, Sophie decided. He was just plain scared.


It's only a little injection. It's nothing to be scared about.
| at
feeling a little scared at the thought of the operation
| of
I'm really scared of heights.


scared out of your wits, scared stiff
scared to death

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