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  • tính từ
    • cảm thấy hài lòng, cảm thấy vừa ý; thoả mãn
Concise Dictionary
+fulfil the requirements or expectations of
+make happy or satisfied
+fill or meet a want or need

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 gratify, fulfil, comfort, please, content, placate, appease, pacify:
It takes a lot to satisfy him: he is one of the fussiest men I have ever worked with
2 fill, meet, fulfil, provide for, look after or to, serve, answer, comply with, resolve, solve, gratify, indulge; slake, quench, sate, satiate:
Your desire for better working conditions can probably only be satisfied by a change of job. What will it take to satisfy your thirst for adventure?
3 convince, persuade, reassure, assure, put (someone's) mind at rest, content:
He was satisfied that emigration to Australia was the only option open to him
4 pay, repay, redress, make good, indemnify, write off, liquidate:
I shall see to it that the debt is satisfied at once.
Advanced English Dictionary
1 pleased because you have achieved sth or because sth that you wanted to happen has happened: a satisfied smile + Keep all letters from satisfied customers. + She's never satisfied with what she's got.
2 ~ (that ...) believing or accepting that sth is true
I'm satisfied that they are telling the truth.
Collocation Dictionary


appear, be, feel, look, seem | declare/profess/pronounce yourself
He declared himself satisfied with the results.


extremely, more than, very, well
feeling well satisfied with her day's work
| absolutely, completely, fully, perfectly, quite, totally | far from, not entirely, not wholly | fairly, generally, reasonably | enough, sufficiently
Her parents seemed satisfied enough with her progress.
| apparently


She seemed satisfied with the arrangements.

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