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  • (thống kê) mẫu
  • artificial s. mẫu nhân tạo, mẫu giả
  • balanced s. mẫu cân bằng
  • concordant s. mẫu phù hợp
  • duplicate s. bản sao mẫu
  • exceptional s. mẫu ngoại lệ
  • interpenetrating s.s (thống kê) các mẫu thâm nhập vào nhau
  • judgement s. mẫu hoàn toàn ngẫu nhiêm
  • list s. mẫu lấy trogn danh sách
  • master a. mẫu cả
  • matched s.s mẫu sóng đôi
  • quota s. mẫu theo nhóm
  • representative s. mẫu đại diện
  • stratified s. mẫu phân lớp
  • systematic s. mẫu hệ thống
  • tow-stade s. mẫu hai tầng
Concise Dictionary
samples|sampled|sampling'sæmpl /'sɑːmpl
+a small part of something intended as representative of the whole
+items selected at random from a population and used to test hypotheses about the population
+all or part of a natural object that is collected and preserved as an example of its class
+take a sample of
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 specimen, example, representative, representation, illustration, sampling, sampler, cross-section; swatch; bite, nibble, taste:
I should like to see a sample before deciding whether to place an order with you.
2 test, try, taste, experience:
Anyone is welcome to sample the merchandise on request.
3 representative, specimen, illustrative, representational, trial, test:
A sample copy of the book is available for examination.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, verb
+ noun
1 a number of people or things taken from a larger group and used in tests to provide information about the group: The interviews were given to a random sample of students. + The survey covers a representative sample of schools. + a sample survey
2 a small amount of a substance taken from a larger amount and tested in order to obtain information about the substance: a blood sample + Samples of the water contained pesticide.
3 a small amount or example of sth that can be looked at or tried to see what it is like: 'I'd like to see a sample of your work,' said the manager. + a free sample of shampoo + sample exam papers + Would you like a sample of the fabric to take home?
+ verb [VN]
1 to try a small amount of a particular food to see what it is like; to experience sth for a short time to see what it is like: I sampled the delights of Greek cooking for the first time.
2 (technical) to test, question, etc., part of sth or of a group of people in order to find out what the rest is like: 12% of the children sampled said they prefer cats to dogs.
3 (technical) to record part of a piece of music, or a sound, in order to use it in a new piece of music
Collocation Dictionary

1 small quantity of sth


blood, DNA, faecal, RNA, rock, serum, tissue, urine, etc. | biopsy, clinical


collect, take | provide
All the athletes had to provide a urine sample.
| analyse, study, test


We looked at sample books to choose the furniture fabric.
| bottle


~ of
samples of tissue

2 people in a survey


small | large, wide | population | representative | random


a sample drawn from men aged 35?40


comprise sth, consist of sth
Our sample comprised 250 catering workers.


A larger sample size yields more reliable data.
| survey | group


~ of
a wide sample of people





The survey was done using a group of 100 children randomly sampled from the school population.

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