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rusty /'rʌsti/
  • tính từ
    • gỉ, han
    • bạc thành màu gỉ sắt (quần áo đen)
    • lỗi thời, lạc hậu, cổ; cùn
      • his English is a little rusty: tiếng Anh của hắn cùn rồi
    • khàn, khàn (giọng)
    • giận dữ, cau có, bực tức
      • don't get rusty: đừng giận
      • to turn rusty: nổi giận, phát cáu
      • to cut up rusty: (từ lóng) nổi giận, phát cáu
  • tính từ
    • ôi (mỡ...)
Concise Dictionary
+covered with or consisting of rust
+of the brown color of rust
+impaired in skill by neglect

Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 covered with RUST: rusty metal + a rusty old car / nail
2 [not usually before noun] (informal) (of a sport, skill, etc.) not as good as it used to be, because you have not been practising: My tennis is very rusty these days. + I haven't played the piano for ages-I may be a bit rusty
rustiness noun [U]

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