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rumour /'ru:mə/
  • danh từ ((từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) (như) rumor)
    • tiếng đồn, tin đồn
      • has it (goes) that: người ta đồn rằng
      • rumours are about (afloat): đây đó có tiếng đồn (về việc gì)
  • ngoại động từ
    • đồn, đồn đại
      • it is rumoured that: người ta đồn rằng
Concise Dictionary
+gossip (usually a mixture of truth and untruth) passed around by word of mouth
+tell or spread rumors
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 rumour, news, gossip, hearsay, information, scoop, tidings, chat, chit-chat, tittle-tattle, on dit; grapevine, jungle telegraph, Colloq low-down, info, US and Canadian poop, Slang chiefly US nautical scuttlebutt:
The rumour is that they are moving from Reading to Exeter. Rumour has it that you are not going with them.
2 bruit about, noise abroad, circulate, pass around, intimate, breathe, suggest, whisper, leak, reveal, make known, put about, say, report, tell:
It has been rumoured that she is going to have his baby.
Advanced English Dictionary
(BrE) (AmE rumor) noun, verb
+ noun [C, U] ~ (of / about sth)
~ (that...) a piece of information, or a story, that people talk about, but that may not be true: to start / spread a rumour + There are widespread rumours of job losses. + Some malicious rumours are circulating about his past. + I heard a rumour that they are getting married. + Many of the stories are based on rumour. + Rumour has it (= people say) that he was murdered. + I thought she was leaving the company, but perhaps it may be just a rumour.
+ verb (be rumoured) to be reported as a rumour and possibly not true: [VN (that)] It's widely rumoured that she's getting promoted. + [VN to inf] He was rumoured to be involved in the crime.
rumoured adjective [only before noun]: He denied his father's rumoured love affair.
Collocation Dictionary


malicious, nasty, scurrilous, ugly, vicious | baseless, false, unconfirmed, unfounded, unsubstantiated, wild | strong, widespread | persistent


start | fuel
His lengthy absence from work fuelled rumours that he might have been sacked.
| spread | hear | believe | deny | confirm
The actor confirmed rumours that he will be leaving the series.
| quash, scotch, silence
The Chief Executive issued a statement to quash rumours of financial problems.


circulate, get about/around, go around/round, spread | abound, be flying about/around, be rife
Rumours about an impending royal divorce were rife.
| sweep sth
The rumour quickly swept the town.
| persist


factory, mill
The Washington rumour mill suggests the money changed hands illegally.


amid/amidst ~s
The manager resigned suddenly amidst rumours of misconduct.
| ~ about/concerning/surrounding
rumours surrounding the closure of the hospital
| ~ of
There were persistent rumours of drug taking among staff.


rumour has it that …
Rumour has it that he was sacked from his last job.
| there is no truth in the rumour
There is no truth in the rumour that the head teacher is about to resign.

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