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rugged /'rʌgid/
  • tính từ
    • gồ ghề, lởm chởm, xù xì
      • rugged ground: đất gồ ghề
      • rugged country: miền đồi núi lởm chởm
      • rugged bark: vỏ cây xù xì
    • thô lỗ, thô kệch, không đều (nét mặt)
      • rugged features: nét mặt thô
    • nghiêm khắc, hay gắt, hay quàu quạu
    • vất vả, khó nhọc, gian khổ, gian truân; khổ hạnh
      • rugged life: đời sống gian truân
    • trúc trắc, chối tai
      • rugged verses: những câu thơ trúc trắc
    • khoẻ mạnh, vạm vỡ
Concise Dictionary
+sturdy and strong in constitution or construction; enduring
+topographically very uneven
+rocky and steep
+very difficult; severely testing stamina or resolution

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 rough, uneven, broken, stony, rocky, irregular, bumpy, pitted, jagged, ragged:
The horses picked their way slowly across the rugged terrain.
2 tough, rough, severe, hard, harsh, difficult, arduous, Spartan, rigorous, onerous, stern, demanding, burdensome:
It is amazing how that small band of pioneers withstood the rugged life in the untamed West
3 hardy, durable, strong, sturdy, hale, robust, tough, vigorous, hard, rough-and-ready, stalwart; independent, individualistic, self-reliant, self-confident, self-sufficient, bold:
WANTED: Five rugged pioneering types to join an expedition to the source of the Amazon river
4 rude, uncouth, uncultured, uncivilized, unrefined, unpolished, crude, ungraceful, churlish:
I admit that Charlie's manners are a bit rugged, but he's one of the best men we have.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 (of the landscape) not level or smooth and having rocks rather than plants or trees: rugged cliffs + The countryside around here is very rugged. + They admired the rugged beauty of the coastline. + He loves the rugged outdoor life (= the lack of comfort connected with being outside).
2 [usually before noun] (approving) (of a man's face) having strong, attractive features: She was attracted by his rugged good looks.
3 [usually before noun] (of a person) determined to succeed in a difficult situation, even if this means using force or upsetting other people: a rugged individualist
4 (of equipment, clothing, etc.) strong and designed to be used in difficult conditions: A less rugged vehicle would never have made the trip. + rugged outdoor clothing
ruggedly adverb: ruggedly handsome
ruggedness noun [U]

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