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route /ru:t/
  • danh từ
    • tuyến đường, đường đi
      • en route: trên đường đi
      • bus route: tuyến đường xe buýt
    • ((cũng) raut) (quân sự) lệnh hành quân
      • column of route: đội hình hành quân
      • to give the route: ra lệnh hành quân
      • to get the route: nhận lệnh hành quân[ru:t - raut]
  • ngoại động từ
    • gửi (hàng hoá) theo một tuyến đường nhất định
Concise Dictionary
routes|routed|routingraʊt /ruːt
+an established line of travel or access
+an open way (generally public) for travel or transportation
+send documents or materials to appropriate destinations
+send via a specific route
+divert in a specified direction

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 way, itinerary, course, direction, path, road, avenue:
If you have the time, take the scenic route. John's route to the chairmanship is strewn with his colleagues' corpses.
2 direct, convey, carry:
Goods destined for Cleveland will be routed through Northampton.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, verb
+ noun
1 ~ (from A to B) a way that you follow to get from one place to another: Which is the best route to take? + Motorists are advised to find an alternative route. + a scenic / coastal route + the quickest route from Florence to Rome + an escape route
See also - EN ROUTE
2 a fixed way along which a bus, train, etc. regularly travels or goods are regularly sent: The house is not on a bus route. + shipping routes + a cycle route (= a path that is only for cyclists)
3 ~ (to sth) a particular way of achieving sth: the route to fame / power / success + There are a number of routes to qualifying as a social worker.
4 used before the number of a main road in the US: Route 66
+ verb (routing or routeing, routed, routed) [VN] [usually +adv./prep.] to send sb/sth by a particular route: Satellites route data all over the globe. + The flight to Sydney is routed via Tokyo.
Collocation Dictionary


quick, short
The shortest route home is round the ring road.
| convenient, easy | long | direct | circuitous, circular, devious, indirect, roundabout, tortuous | dangerous, safe | attractive, beautiful, scenic
We had plenty of time so we took the scenic route.
| accessible | alternative
Travellers are advised to find an alternative route during road repairs.
| main, trunk | air, overland, sea | bus, cycle, etc. | shipping, supply, trade | coastal | east-west, southerly, southern, etc. | trans-Pennine, trans-Sahara, etc. | tourist | well-travelled, well-worn | access | escape


follow, take | choose, map out, plan, work out
You'll have to plan your route carefully.
| retrace
We retraced our route in an attempt to get back on the right path.


cross sth, follow sth, go, pass through sth, run, take sb
The alternative route takes you along the river.
| climb, turn | lead | lie
Our route lay straight ahead and downhill.




along the ~
There are plenty of bed and breakfasts along the route.
| on the ~
We live on the school bus route.
| ~ between
the most direct route between London and Brighton
| ~ from
the air route from Berlin to Beijing
| ~ through
a scenic route through the south of France
| ~ to
the shortest route to Bruges the best route to success


en route
(= on the way)We'll stop for lunch en route.

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