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round-up /'raundʌp/
  • danh từ
    • sự chạy vòng quanh để dồn súc vật
    • cuộc vây bắt, cuộc bố ráp
    • sự thâu tóm (các tin tức trên đài, báo chí...)
      • prerss round-up: sự điểm báo
    • cuộc hội họp, cuộc họp mặt
      • a round-up of old friend: cuộc họp mặt những người bạn cũ
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 gathering, assembly, rally, collection, herding, US and Canadian (of cattle or horses) corralling, wrangling:
The round-up of suspects by the police was focused on the Bournemouth area
2 summary, synopsis, digest, outline, recapitulation, review, survey, Colloq recap:
And now, with a round-up of the news, here is Moira Lawley.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun [usually sing.]
1 a summary of the most important points of a particular subject, especially the news: We'll be back after the break with a round-up of today's other stories. + a news / sports round-up + This week's issue includes a round-up of the latest record releases.
2 an act of bringing people or animals together in one place for a particular purpose: the round-up of sheep for shearing + The police carried out their usual round-up of Saturday night drunks.

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