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roughly /'rʌfli/
  • phó từ
    • ráp, xù xì, gồ ghề, không bằng phẳng, bờm xờm, lởm chởm
    • dữ dội, mạnh mẽ
    • thô lỗ, thô bạo, sống sượng, lỗ mãng, cộc cằn
      • to answer roughly: trả lời cộc cằn
    • đại thể, đại khái, phỏng chừng, phác, nháp
      • roughly speaking: nói đại khái
      • to estimate roughly: ước lượng áng chừng
    • hỗn độn, chói tai
Concise Dictionary
+(of quantities) imprecise but fairly close to correct
+with roughness or violence (`rough' is an informal variant for `roughly')
+with rough motion as over a rough surface

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 approximately, around; about, nearly:
The British Museum is roughly in the same direction as Euston. It cost roughly two weeks' wages. Roughly two years later I saw her again
2 harshly, unkindly, severely, sternly, unsympathetically, brutally, violently, savagely, inhumanly, mercilessly, unmercifully, ruthlessly, pitilessly, cruelly, heartlessly:
The police were accused of dealing too roughly with those suspected of harming a fellow officer
3 clumsily, rudely, crudely, awkwardly, primitively, inexpertly, amateurishly, maladroitly, heavy-handedly, ineptly, inefficiently, unskilfully, inartistically:
This roughly hewn block of local granite is what the council paid a fortune for as 'sculpture'.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adverb
1 approximately but not exactly: Sales are up by roughly 10%. + We live roughly halfway between here and the coast. + They all left at roughly the same time. + Roughly speaking, we receive about fifty letters a week on the subject.
2 using force or not being careful and gentle: He pushed her roughly out of the way. + 'What do you want?' she demanded roughly.
3 in a way that does not leave a smooth surface: roughly plastered walls

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