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room /rum/
  • danh từ
    • buồng, phòng
      • to do one's room: thu dọn buồng
      • to keep one's room: không ra khỏi phòng
    • cả phòng (những người ngồi trong phòng)
      • to set the room in a roar: làm cho cả phòng cười phá lên
    • (số nhiều) căn nhà ở (có nhiều phòng)
    • chỗ
      • there is room for one more in the car: trong xe có chỗ cho một người nữa
      • to take up too much room: choán mất nhiều chỗ quá
      • to make (give) room for...: nhường chỗ cho...
    • cơ hội, khả năng; duyên cớ, lý do
      • there is no room for dispute: không có duyên cớ gì để bất hoà
      • there is no room for fear: không có lý do gì phải sợ hãi
      • there is room for improvement: còn có khả năng cải tiến
    • in the room of...
      • thay thế vào, ở vào địa vị...
    • no room to turn in
      • no room to swing a cat
        • hẹp bằng cái lỗ mũi; không có chỗ nào mà xoay trở
      • to prefer somebody's room to his company
        • thích không phải trông thấy ai; muốn cho ai đi khuất đi
      • I would rather have his room than his company
        • tôi muốn hắn ta đi cho khuất mắt; tôi muốn không phải trông thấy hắn ta
    • nội động từ
      • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) có phòng, ở phòng cho thuê (có đủ đồ đạc)
      • ở chung phòng (với ai)
        • to room with somebody: ở chung phòng với ai
Concise Dictionary
rooms|roomed|roomingruːm ,rʊm
+an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling
+space for movement
+opportunity for
+the people who are present in a room
+live and take one's meals at or in
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 space, area, scope, extent, allowance, latitude, elbow-room, range, leeway, margin:
There is room for one more inside.
2 chamber, apartment, compartment, office, cell, cubicle:
For years Pablo occupied a small room on the top floor.
3 rooms. quarters, lodgings, accommodation, flat, dwelling:
We had rooms in an old house downtown.
4 live, lodge, dwell, abide, reside, stay:
Did you really room with the daughter of a prime minister?
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, verb
+ noun
in building
1 [C] a part of a building that has its own walls, floor and ceiling and is usually used for a particular purpose: He walked out of the room and slammed the door. + They were in the next room and we could hear every word they said. + a dining / living / sitting room + They had to sit in the waiting room for an hour. + I think Simon is in his room (= bedroom). + (spoken) I don't want to watch television. I'll be in the other room (= a different room).
Help Note: There are many compounds ending in room. You will find them at their place in the alphabet.
-roomed / -room
2 (in adjectives) having the number of rooms mentioned: a three-roomed / three-room apartment
in hotel
3 [C] a bedroom in a hotel, etc: a double / single room + I'd like to book a room with a view of the lake. + She lets out rooms to students.
place to live
4 (rooms) [pl.] (old-fashioned, BrE) a set of two or more rooms that you rent to live in
They lived in rooms in Kensington.
5 [U] ~ (for sb/sth)
~ (to do sth) empty space that can be used for a particular purpose: Is there enough room for me in the car? + There's room for one more at the table. + Do you have room for a computer on your desk? + Yes, there's plenty of room. + I'll move the table-it takes up too much room. + How can we make room for all the furniture? + Make sure you have plenty of room to sit comfortably.
6 ~ for sth the possibility of sth existing or happening; the opportunity to do sth: He had to be certain. There could be no room for doubt. + There's some room for improvement in your work (= it is not as good as it could be). + It is important to give children room to think for themselves.
7 [sing.] all the people in a room: The whole room burst into applause.
Idioms: no room to swing a cat (informal) when sb says there's no room to swing a cat, they mean that a room is very small and that there is not enough space
more at MANOEUVRE n., SMOKE n.
+ verb [V] (AmE) ~ (with sb)
~ (together) to rent a room somewhere; to share a rented room or flat/apartment with sb: She and Nancy roomed together at college.
Collocation Dictionary

1 in a house/building


big, cavernous, enormous, high, high-ceilinged, huge, large, palatial, spacious, vast |
cell-like, cramped, little, low, low-ceilinged, narrow, small, tiny | L-shaped, odd-shaped | north-facing, south-facing, etc. | airy, well-ventilated | airless,
claustrophobic, stuffy, windowless | bright | dark, dim, dimly-lit, dingy, moonlit, pitch-dark, shadowed,
shadowy, unlighted | depressing, dreary | chilly, cold,
draughty | hot, warm | clean,
tidy | dirty, dusty, scruffy, shabby, smelly, untidy | comfortable, cosy, homely |
attractive, beautiful, elegant,
graceful, gracious, handsome,
impressive, luxurious, magnificent, pretty | bare,
bleak, empty | book-lined |
newly-painted, whitewashed |
tiled, wood-panelled | crowded,
overcrowded | smoke-filled, smoky | quiet, silent | locked | adjacent, adjoining | attic, back, basement, downstairs, front, upstairs | first-floor, second-floor, etc. | guest, spare
Our guests are sleeping in the spare room.
| hotel | double, family, single, three-bedded,
twin-bedded | bed-sitting | rented | breakfast, dining, living, reception, sitting, utility | dressing, make-up, rehearsal |
control | fitness, weight-training | news, press
He emailed his report back to the news room.
| committee,
conference, meeting | storage,
| incident, interview
Police have set up an incident room at the scene of the murder.
| changing, locker, shower | emergency,
first-aid, medical, recovery,
treatment | lecture, reading, seminar, staff
| boiler, engine


burst into, come/go into, creep into, enter, hurry into, march into, run/rush into, slip/sneak into, step into, storm into, stride into, walk into,
wander into | back out of,
come/go out of, creep out of, flounce out of, hurry out of, leave, march out of, run/rush out of, slip out of, step out of, storm out of, stride out of, walk out of
As soon as the teacher left the room there was uproar.
| show sb into, usher sb into | cross, go around/round, pace (around/round), prowl (around/round), walk, wander around/round
He was pacing the room nervously. She prowled around the room like a caged tiger. I wandered restlessly round my room.
| echo around/round, run around/round
A ripple of laughter ran round the room.
| glance, look around/round, scan | fill | clean, tidy | decorate, paint
a room decorated in pastel shades
| air, ventilate | light
a room lit by one dusty light bulb
| share
I used to share a room with my sister.
| occupy | vacate
Guests are requested to vacate their rooms by 11 a.m.
| set aside
a room set aside for quiet study
| book, hire, rent
We hired a room for the party. I rented a room while looking for a house to buy.


adjoin sth, face sth, overlook sth
The room adjoins the hotel kitchens.
| contain sth
The room contained little more than a table and chair.
| be crammed with sth, be filled with sth, be full of sth | be equipped with sth, be furnished with sth, have sth
The patient was in a private room equipped with bathroom and colour TV.
| measure sth
a room measuring 6 metres by 7
| darken | fall silent, grow quiet
The room fell silent as she rose to speak.
| smell
The room smelled of stale sweat and coffee.
| spin, sway
She felt sick and the room was spinning.


key | number | lighting, lights | mate
(also room-mate) (= person who you share a room or house with)
| service | temperature
This wine should be served at room temperature.
| rates
Soaring room rates have put tourists off visiting the city.


around/round a/the ~, from ~ to ~
She flew from room to room looking for the fire extinguisher.
| in/into a/the ~, inside a/the ~

2 space; enough space


ample, considerable, enough, sufficient | insufficient | head


leave, make
We had to move the furniture to make room for the piano.


~ for
Will there be enough room for that large sofa in your sitting room? (figurative) The sales figures are good, but there is still room for improvement.


room for manoeuvre

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