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rise /raiz/
  • danh từ
    • sự lên, sự đưa lên, sự kéo lên, sự dâng; lên, sự tăng lên
      • at rise of sun (day): lúc mặt trời mọc
      • to shoot a bird on the rise: bắn một con chim lúc đang bay lên
      • the rise to power: sự lên nắm chính quyền
      • price are on the rise: giá cả đang tăng lên
    • sự tăng lương
      • to ask for a rise: xin tăng lương
    • sự thăng (cấp bậc), sự tiến lên (địa vị xã hội...)
      • the rise and falt in life: nổi thăng trầm trong cuộc đời
    • sự nổi lên để đớp mồi (cá)
      • to be on the rise: nổi lên đớp mồi (cá)
    • sự trèo lên, sự leo lên (núi...)
    • đường dốc, chỗ dốc, gò cao
      • a rise in the road: chỗ đường dốc
      • to look down from the rise: đứng trên gò cao nhìn cuống
    • chiều cao đứng thẳng, độ cao (của bậc cầu thang, vòm...)
    • nguồn gốc, căn nguyên, nguyên do; sự gây ra
      • to give rise to: gây ra
    • to take (get) a rise out of a somebody
      • làm cho ai phát khùng lên
    • phỉnh ai
    • nội động từ risen /'rizn/, rose /rouz/
      • dậy, trở dậy, đứng dậy, đứng lên
        • to rise up early: dậy sớm
        • to rise from table: ăn xong đứng dậy
        • to rise to one's feet: đứng nhỏm dậy
        • to rise in appause: đứng dậy vỗ tay hoan nghênh
        • the hair rose on one's head: tóc dựng ngược cả lên ở trên đầu
        • to rise from the dead: sống lại
      • mọc (mặt trời, mặt trăng...)
        • the sun rises: mặt trời mọc
      • lên, lên cao, bốc lên, leo lên, trèo lên, dâng lên, nổi lên
        • smoke rises up: khói bốc lên
        • dough rises: bột dậy lên
        • the image rises in one's mind: hình ảnh hiện lên trong trí
        • anger is rising: cơn giận nổi lên
        • the Red tiver is rising again: nước sông Hồng lại dâng lên
        • spirits rise: tinh thần phấn khởi lên
        • fishes rise to the bait: cá nổi lên đớp mồi
        • her colour rose: mặt cô ta ửng đỏ lên
        • the wind is rising: gió đang nổi lên
      • tiến lên, thành đạt
        • to rise in the world: thành đạt
        • a man likely to rise: một người có thể tiến lên (thành đạt)
      • vượt lên trên
        • to rise above petty jealousies: vượt lên những thói ghen tị tầm thường
      • nổi dậy
        • to rise in arms against: vũ trang nổi dậy chống lại
      • phẫn nộ, phát tức; ghê tởm, lộn mửa
        • gorge (stomach) rises: phát tức lên; phẫn nộ, ghê tởm, lộn mửa
      • bắt nguồn từ, do bởi
        • the river rises from a spring: con sông bắt nguồn từ một dòng suối nhỏ
        • the quarrel rose from a misunderstanding: sự bất hào do hiểu lầm gây ra
      • có khả năng đối phó, có thể đáp ứng với
        • to rise to requirements: có thể đáp ứng những đòi hỏi
      • bế mạc (hội nghị...)
        • the Parliament will rise next week: tuần sau nghị viện sẽ bế mạc
    • ngoại động từ
      • làm nổi lên, làm hiện lên
      • trông thấy nổi lên, trông thấy hiện lên
        • not to rise a fish: không trông thấy một con cá nào nổi lên
        • to rise a ship: trông thấy con tàu hiện lên
    Concise Dictionary
    +a growth in strength or number or importance
    +the act of changing location in an upward direction
    +an upward slope or grade (as in a road)
    +a movement upward
    +the amount a salary is increased
    +the property possessed by a slope or surface that rises
    +a wave that lifts the surface of the water or ground
    +(theology) the origination of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost
    +an increase in cost
    +increase in price or value
    +move upward
    +increase in value or to a higher point
    +rise to one's feet
    +rise up
    +come to the surface
    +become more extreme
    +come into existence; take on form or shape
    +be promoted, move to a better position
    +go up or advance
    +get up and out of bed
    +rise in rank or status
    +increase in volume
    +become heartened or elated
    +exert oneself to meet a challenge
    +take part in a rebellion; renounce a former allegiance
    +come up, of celestial bodies
    +return from the dead

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 get up, arise, stand (up), get to one's feet, Brit be upstanding:
    All rise when the judge enters the court.
    2 get up, arise, awaken, waken, wake up, start or begin the day, Nautical or Colloq hit the deck, Colloq turn out:
    We usually rise at about six o'clock.
    3 ascend, be elevated, arise, climb, lift, go up, mount:
    The smoke slowly, almost furtively, rose from the camp-fire into the still night air. The morning star can be seen tomorrow rising in the sky just before dawn. Some of those skyscrapers rise to a height of 110 storeys
    4 Often, rise (up) (against). rebel, revolt, mutiny, kick over the traces, take up arms, mount the barricades, take to the streets:
    If the food shortages persist, the people are sure to rise up and overthrow the present regime
    5 swell, flood, increase, grow; wax:
    Owing to the heavy rains, the river is rising rapidly.
    6 slant or incline or slope (upwards), ascend, climb, go uphill:
    The path rises steeply just beyond the cwm.
    7 fly, take flight, take wing, take to the air, take off, arise, lift, climb, soar, mount:
    At the roar of the gun, tens of thousands of flamingoes rose from the lakes
    8 advance, improve one's lot or position, progress, get ahead, go or get somewhere, succeed, make something of oneself, be promoted, prosper, thrive, make good, Colloq make it, make the grade, go places:
    Fielding could well have risen in the company had his attitude been different.
    9 start, begin, originate, arise, occur, happen, take place:
    I cannot explain how so much bad feeling rose between us.
    10 increase, be elevated or lifted or boosted, grow, go up, move upwards, climb, escalate, ascend, snowball:
    When interest rates rise, they contribute to the inflation that raising them was supposed to reduce
    11 arise, be nurtured, be produced, be generated, be created, spring up, be engendered:
    The feelings that rose within him were spurred on by sheer hatred of the man.
    12 rise to.
    (a) arise, come up, meet, be equal to, prove adequate to:
    If you need a good man, you can count on Michael to rise to the occasion.
    (b) come to get, take, swallow, react to, respond to, succumb to, be tempted by:
    Sue rose to the bait of a company car and accepted our offer.
    13 ascent, hill, hillock, knoll, eminence, prominence, elevation, upland, highland, (upward) slope or incline, acclivity, US upgrade:
    As we climbed a slight rise, we saw the mountains gleaming in the distance
    14 increase, increment, gain, addition:
    In return for only a slight rise in wages, they are being asked to take on much more responsibility
    15 ascent, ascension, elevation, flight, climb, take-off:
    The balloon's rise was suddenly halted when the basket caught in a tree.
    16 get or Brit also take a rise out of (someone). provoke, stimulate, incite, instigate, foment, goad, encourage, press, push, shake up, waken, awaken, move, motivate, activate, agitate, stir (up), inflame, impassion:
    We finally got a rise out of Sidney by threatening to charge him for cleaning his room
    17 give rise to. start, engender, generate, begin, commence, produce, bring out, cause, bring about, bring into being:
    We never discovered what gave rise to Tom's dislike of dogs.

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