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  • danh từ
    • hành động gian lận, lấy trộm, bán với giá quá đắt
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 stealing, purloining, robbing, pilfering, taking, filching, pilferage, theft, robbery, larceny; shoplifting, Colloq pinching, Brit nicking, Slang lifting, swiping, US boosting:
The rip-off of books from the library is a disgrace.
2 swindle, confidence trick, swindling, cheating, cheat, fraud, deception, defrauding, defalcation; embezzlement, Colloq con (job or trick):
A husband-and-wife team are being sought for executing a rip-off of thousands from the Outland Bank using a forged letter of credit
3 overcharging, exploitation, Colloq highway or Chiefly Brit daylight robbery:
It's a rip-off to charge two pounds for something that costs only three pence to make.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun (informal)
1 [usually sing.] something that is not worth what you pay for it: $70 for a T-shirt! What a rip-off!
2 ~ (of sth) a copy of sth, especially one that is less expensive or not as good as the original thing: The single is a rip-off of a 70s hit. + a stall selling designer rip-offs

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