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right /rait/
  • danh từ
    • điều tốt, điều phải, điều đứng đắn; điều thiện
      • to make no difference between right and wrong: không phân biệt phải trái thiện ác
      • to be in the right: lẽ phải về mình, có chính nghĩa
    • quyền
      • to have a (the) right to do something: có quyền làm việc gì
      • right to self-determination: quyền tự quyết
      • right of work: quyền lao động, quyền có công ăn việc làm
      • right to vote: quyền bỏ phiếu
    • quyền lợi
      • rights and duties: quyền lợi và nhiệm vụ
    • (số nhiều) thứ tự
      • to put (set) something to rights: sắp đặt vật gì cho có thứ tự
    • ((thường) số nhiều) thực trạng
      • to know the rights of a case: biết thực trạng của một trường hợp
    • bên phải, phía tay phải
      • to keep to the right: đi bên phía tay phải
      • from right to left: từ phải sang trái
    • (chính trị) (the right) phe hữu, phái hữu
    • (thể dục,thể thao) cú đánh tay phải (quyền anh)
    • (săn bắn) phát súng bắn phía tay phải
    • tính từ
      • thẳng
        • a right line: một đường thẳng
      • (toán học) vuông
        • right angle: góc vuông
      • tốt, đúng, phải, có lý
        • to be right in one's reokonings: tính toán đúng
        • to do what is right: làm điều phải
        • to be right: có lý, đúng phải
        • to set one's watch: right vặn đồng hồ lại cho đúng
        • to set oneself right with someone: tự mình làm cho người nào hiểu đúng về người nào hiểu cho đúng về mình
      • phái hữu (đối với trái)
        • the right arm: cánh tay phải
        • on (at) the right hand: ở phía tay phải; mặt phải (vải...)
      • thích hợp, cần phải có
        • the right size: cỡ thích hợp, cỡ cần phải có
        • to wait for the right moment: chờ thời cơ thích hợp
      • ở trong trạng thái (tinh thần hay vật chất) tốt
        • see if the brakes are all right: hãy xem phanh có hoàn toàn tốt không
        • not right in one's head: gàn gàn, hâm hâm
      • to be on the right side of forty
        • (xem) side
      • to be someone's right hand
        • (nghĩa bóng) là cánh tay phải của ai
      • right you are!
        • đồng ý, được đấy!
      • right oh!
        • đồng ý, xin vâng lệnh
    • phó từ
      • thẳng
        • right ahead of us: thẳng về phía trước chúng ta
      • ngay, chính
        • right in the middle: ở chính giữa
      • đúng, phải
        • if I remember right: nếu tôi nhớ đúng
      • tốt, đúng như ý muốn
        • if everything goes right: nếu tất cả đều như ý muốn
      • đáng, xứng đáng
        • it serves him right!: thật đáng đời hắn ta!
      • (trước tính từ hay phó từ) rất, hoàn toàn
        • you know right well that: anh biết rất rõ ràng
      • (trong một số danh vị, hàm ý tất cả)
      • the Right Reverend
        • Đức giám mục
      • về bên phải
        • to hit out right and left: đánh bên phải đánh bên trái, đánh từ phía
      • right away
        • ngay tức thì
      • right here
        • ngay ở đây
      • right now
        • ngay bây giờ
      • right off
        • (như) right away
    • ngoại động từ
      • lấy lại cho ngay, lấy lại cho thẳng (hướng đi của ô tô, tàu thuỷ...)
        • to right the car: lấy lại hướng đi của chiếc ô tô cho thẳng
        • to right onself: lấy lại thăng bằng
      • sửa sai, chỉnh đốn lại, uốn nắn lại
        • to right a mistake: sửa một lỗi lầm
        • to right a wrong: uốn nắn lại một sự bất công (một điều sai trái)
      • bênh vực
        • to right the oppressed: bênh vực những người bị áp bức
    • nội động từ
      • lại đứng thẳng lên được; không ngả nghiêng tròng trành (tàu thuỷ)
    Concise Dictionary
    +an abstract idea of that which is due to a person or governmental body by law or tradition or nature
    +(frequently plural) the interest possessed by law or custom in some intangible thing
    +location near or direction toward the right side; i.e. the side to the south when a person or object faces east
    +a turn toward the side of the body that is on the south when the person is facing east
    +those who support political or social or economic conservatism; those who believe that things are better left unchanged
    +anything in accord with principles of justice
    +the hand that is on the right side of the body
    +the piece of ground in the outfield on the catcher's right
    +make reparations or amends for
    +put in or restore to an upright position
    +regain an upright or proper position
    +make right or correct
    +free from error; especially conforming to fact or truth
    +being or located on or directed toward the side of the body to the east when facing north
    +socially right or correct
    +in conformance with justice or law or morality
    +correct in opinion or judgment
    +appropriate for a condition or purpose or occasion or a person's character, needs
    +of or belonging to the political or intellectual right
    +in or into a satisfactory condition
    +intended for the right hand
    +in accord with accepted standards of usage or procedure
    +having the axis perpendicular to the base
    +(of the side of cloth or clothing) facing or intended to face outward
    +most suitable or right for a particular purpose
    +precisely, exactly
    +toward or on the right; also used figuratively
    +in the right manner
    +an interjection expressing agreement
    +(Southern regional intensive) very
    +in accordance with moral or social standards
    +in a correct manner

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 just, moral, good, proper, correct, legal, lawful, licit, honest, upright, righteous, virtuous, ethical, fair, true, honourable, right-minded, principled, open, above-board:
    There is no doubt in my mind that Simon can be relied on to do the right thing
    2 correct, fitting, suitable, proper, accurate, exact, precise, perfect; factual, truthful, veracious, valid, sound, Colloq Brit bang on, spot on:
    Have you bought the right kind of nail to go into plaster? Jennie had nine right answers out of ten. How many of yours are right?
    3 propitious, convenient, strategic, advantageous, beneficial, favourable, auspicious, preferred, preferable, promising:
    It is critical for the mixture to reach the boiling point at exactly the right time
    4 sound, sane, normal, rational, lucid, healthy:
    Is she right in the head, letting him drive in his condition?
    5 right-hand, dextral, dexter, Nautical starboard:
    In the United Kingdom, drivers sit on the right side.
    6 rightist, right-wing, conservative, reactionary, Tory:
    The right wing of the liberal party is not so very different from the left wing of the conservatives
    7 face, upper, principal, front:
    Have you laid the tablecloth right side up?
    8 utter, complete, perfect, unmitigated, unalloyed, out-and-out, thorough, thoroughgoing, 24-carat or esp. US 24-karat, dyed in the wool, pure, absolute, real, Brit proper:
    I've been a right idiot not to realize that he loved only her.
    9 privilege, prerogative, licence, power, claim, title, freedom, liberty:
    We must allow nothing to interfere with our democratic rights, such as our right to vote
    10 justice, reason, fact, truth, fairness, equity, good, goodness, integrity, virtue, virtuousness, honesty, honourableness, morality, propriety, rectitude, right-mindedness, high-mindedness, nobility, uprightness:
    He believes that he has right on his side.
    11 right side or hand or fist, Nautical starboard:
    She stood on his right. She gave him a quick right to the jaw.
    12 by rights. properly, fairly, justly, to be just, to be fair, in fairness, honestly, in all honesty, to be honest:
    By rights, because I paid for it, the house is mine.
    13 directly, straight, straightaway, right away or off, in a beeline, as the crow flies, forthwith; unhesitatingly, immediately, promptly, at once, instantly, without hesitating or hesitation, without delay, quickly, swiftly, speedily, Colloq pronto, straight off:
    The minute he walked into the room, he went right to the wall-safe. Please come over right now.
    14 exactly, precisely, unerringly, accurately; just:
    She hung the paintings right where they belonged.
    15 just, only:
    I stopped right now - when you walked in.
    16 well, satisfactorily, advantageously, profitably, favourably, opportunely:
    I hope that everything turns out right for you.
    17 correctly, accurately, properly, precisely, well, sensibly, fittingly, suitably, aptly:
    If you can't do it right, why bother doing it at all!
    18 straighten (up or out), set upright or aright:
    I righted all the chairs the children had knocked over.
    19 put or set or make right, put or set to rights, correct, straighten out, redress, amend, make up for, rectify, sort out, repair, fix:
    She has always felt that her mission in life was to right wrongs.
    20 avenge, retaliate for, vindicate, repay, revenge, settle, Colloq get even for:
    Langdon swore that he would right the injury done to his father's name.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    adjective, adverb, noun, verb, exclamation
    + adjective
    morally good
    1 [not usually before noun] ~ (to do sth) morally good or acceptable; what is correct according to law or a person's duty: You were quite right to criticize him. + Is it ever right to kill? + It seems only right to warn you of the risk. + I hope we're doing the right thing.
    Antonym: WRONG
    true / correct
    2 true or correct as a fact: Did you get the answer right? + 'What's the right time?' '10.37.' + 'David, isn't it?' 'Yes, that's right.' + (spoken) It was Monday you went to see Angie, right? + (spoken) Let me get this right (= understand correctly)-you want us to do an extra ten hours' work for no extra pay? + 'I'll have to do it again.' 'Too right you will (= there is no doubt about it).'
    Antonym: WRONG
    3 correct for a particular situation or thing, or for a particular person: Have you got the right money (= the exact amount) for the bus fare? + Is this the right way to the beach? + You're not holding it the right way up. + Are you sure you've got that on the right way round? + Next time we'll get it right. + He's the right man for the job. + I'm glad you split up. She wasn't right for you. + I was waiting for the right moment to ask him. + She knows all the right people (= important people, for example those who can help her career). + His success was down to being in the right place at the right time (= being able to take opportunities when they came).
    Antonym: WRONG
    4 [not before noun] ~ (about sth)
    ~ (to do sth)
    ~ (in doing sth) correct in your opinion or judgement: She was right about Tom having no money. + You're right to be cautious. + 'It's not easy.' 'Yeah, you're right.' + Am I right in thinking we've met before?
    Antonym: WRONG
    5 [not before noun] in a normal or satisfactory condition: I don't feel quite right today (= I feel ill / sick). + That sausage doesn't smell right. + Things aren't right between her parents. + If only I could have helped put matters right. + He's not quite right in the head (= not mentally normal).
    Antonym: WRONG
    not left
    6 [only before noun] of, on or towards the side of the body that is towards the east when a person faces north: my right eye / shoe + Keep on the right side of the road. + Take a right turn at the intersection.
    See also - RIGHT-WING
    Antonym: LEFT
    7 [only before noun] (BrE, informal, especially disapproving) used to emphasize sth bad: You made a right mess of that! + I felt a right idiot.
    See also - ALL RIGHT
    rightness noun [U]: the rightness (= justice) of their cause + the rightness of his decision
    Idioms: give your right arm for sth / to do sth (informal) used to say that sb is willing to give up a lot in order to have or do sth that they really want: I'd have given my right arm to have been there with them.
    (not) in your right mind (not) mentally normal
    (as) right as rain (informal) in excellent health or condition
    right enough (spoken) certainly; in a way that cannot be DENIED: You heard me right enough (= so don't pretend that you did not).
    right on (spoken) used to express strong approval or encouragement
    See also - RIGHT-ON
    right side up (AmE) with the top part turned to the top; in the correct, normal position: I dropped my toast, but luckily it fell right side up.
    Antonym: UPSIDE DOWN
    more at ALL RIGHT adj., FOOT n., HEAD n., HEART, IDEA, MR, NOTE n., SIDE n., TRACK n.
    + adverb
    1 exactly; directly: Lee was standing right behind her. + The wind was right in our faces. + I'm right behind you on this one (= I am supporting you). + The bus came right on time.
    2 all the way; completely: The car spun right off the track. + I'm right out of ideas. + She kept right on swimming until she reached the other side.
    3 (informal) immediately; without delay: I'll be right back. + I'll be right with you (= I am coming very soon).
    4 correctly: You guessed right.
    Antonym: WRONG
    5 in a satisfactory way: Nothing's going right for me today.
    Antonym: WRONG
    not left
    6 on or to the right side: Turn right at the end of the street.
    Antonym: LEFT

    right and left everywhere: She owes money right and left.
    right away / off immediately; without delay: I want it sent right away. + I told him right off what I thought of him.
    right, left and centre = left, right and centre at LEFT adv.
    right now
    1 at this moment: He's not in the office right now.
    2 immediately: Do it right now!
    see sb right (AmE also do sb right) (informal) to make sure that sb has all they need or want: You needn't worry about money-I'll see you right.
    more at ALLEY, SERVE v.
    + noun
    sth morally good
    1 [U, C] what is morally good or correct: She doesn't understand the difference between right and wrong. + You did right to tell me about it. + They both had some right on their side. + He wouldn't apologize. He knew he was in the right (= had justice on his side). + It was difficult to establish the rights and wrongs (= the true facts) of the matter.
    Antonym: WRONG
    moral / legal claim
    2 [C, U] ~ (to sth / to do sth) a moral or legal claim to have or get sth or to behave in a particular way: Everyone has a right to a fair trial. + You have no right to stop me from going in there. + What gives you the right to do that? + She had every right to be angry. + You're quite within your rights to ask for your money back. + By rights (= if justice were done) half the money should be mine. + There is no right of appeal against the decision. + Education is provided by the state as of right (= everyone has a right to it). + The property belongs to her by right. + They had fought hard for equal rights. + animal rights campaigners
    for book / movie, etc.
    3 (rights) [pl.] the authority to perform, publish, film, etc. a particular work, event, etc: He sold the rights for $2 million. + all rights reserved (= protected or kept for the owners of the book, film / movie, etc.)
    not left side
    4 (the / sb's right) [sing.] the right side or direction: Take the first street on the right. + She seated me on her right.
    Antonym: LEFT
    5 [sing.] the first, second, etc. ~ the first, second, etc. road on the right side: Take the first right, then the second left.
    Antonym: LEFT
    6 (a right) [sing.] a turn to the right: to make a right + (AmE, informal) to hang a right
    Antonym: LEFT
    7 (the right, the Right) [sing.+sing./pl. v.] political groups that most strongly support the CAPITALIST system
    Compare: RIGHT WING: The Right in British politics is represented by the Conservative Party.
    Antonym: LEFT
    8 (the right) [sing.+sing./pl. v.] the part of a political party whose members are least in favour of social change: He's on the right of the Labour Party.
    Antonym: LEFT
    in boxing
    9 a blow that is made with your right hand
    Antonym: LEFT

    bang to rights (BrE) (AmE dead to rights) (informal) in the act of committing a crime, so that you cannot claim to be innocent: We've got you bang to rights handling stolen property.
    do right by sb (old-fashioned) to treat sb fairly
    in your own right because of your personal qualifications or efforts, not because of your connection with sb else: She sings with a rock band, but she's also a jazz musician in her own right.
    put / set sb/sth to rights to correct sb/sth; to put things in their right places or right order: It took me ages to put things to rights after the workmen had left.
    more at WORLD, WRONG n.
    + verb [VN]
    return to position
    1 to return sb/sth/yourself to the normal, upright position: They learnt to right a capsized canoe. + At last the plane righted itself and flew on.
    2 to correct sth that is wrong or not in its normal state: Righting the economy will demand major cuts in expenditure.
    Idioms: right a wrong to do sth to correct an unfair situation or sth bad that you have done
    + exclamation (BrE, informal)
    1 used to show that you accept a statement or an order: 'You may find it hurts a little at first.' 'Right.' + 'Barry's here.' 'Oh, right.' + 'I'll have a whisky and soda.' 'Right you are, sir.'
    2 used to get sb's attention to say that you are ready to do sth, or to tell them to do sth: Right! Let's get going.
    3 used to check that sb agrees with you or has understood you: So that's twenty of each sort, right? + And I didn't think any more of it, right, but Mum says I should see a doctor.

    right / rightly
    Right and rightly can both be used as adverbs. In the sense 'correctly' or 'in the right way', right is the usual adverb. It is only used after verbs: He did it right. + Did I spell your name right? Rightly cannot be used like this. In formal language correctly is used:
    Is your name spelled correctly?

    The usual meaning of rightly is 'for a good reason' and it comes before an adjective: They are rightly proud of their children. It can be used to mean 'correctly' before a verb or in particular phrases:
    As you rightly say, we have a serious problem. In AmE rightly is not at all common.
    Collocation Dictionary

    1 what is morally good


    in the ~
    (= having justice and truth on your side)There's no doubt that he's in the right on this.


    have right on your side
    I appealed against the decision because I knew I had right on my side.
    | know right from wrong
    Children of that age don't know right from wrong.
    | right and wrong
    She doesn't understand the difference between right and wrong.
    | the rights and wrongs of sth
    We sat discussing the rights and wrongs of the prison system.

    2 entitlement


    basic, fundamental, inalienable
    the basic rights of all citizens
    | absolute, perfect
    I've got a perfect right to park here if I want to.
    | equal | exclusive, sole | full | automatic
    Any employee who is sacked has an automatic right to appeal.
    | animal, human
    animal rights campaigners human rights violations
    | legal, statutory | contractual | moral
    You have a moral right to that money.
    | civil
    the civil rights movement
    | gay, women's | parental
    The local authority exercises parental rights over the children until foster homes are found.
    | squatters'
    The teenagers claimed squatters' rights and were allowed to remain in the building.
    | pension | voting | divine, god-given
    the old idea of the divine right of kings I suppose you think you have some god-given right to tell me what to do?


    enjoy, have, retain
    They have no right to come onto my land.
    | assert, claim, demand | know
    You can't do that to me?I know my rights.
    | establish
    The new president undertook to establish full rights for all minorities.
    | stand up for
    You should stand up for your rights and insist that he pays you.
    | reserve
    I reserve the right to leave at any time I choose.
    | gain, get | confer on sb, give sb, grant sb
    We were granted the exclusive rights to produce the software in the UK.
    | extend
    The government extended voting rights to everyone over the age of 18.
    | exercise | enforce
    The landlord enforced his right to enter the property.
    | abdicate, give up, relinquish, renounce
    He renounced his right to the throne.
    | waive
    They gave me my uncle's money, on condition that I waived all rights to his property.
    | forfeit, lose | defend, protect, safeguard | acknowledge, recognize, respect | affect, infringe
    These additional guarantees do not affect your statutory rights.
    | deny sb | abolish


    as of ~, by ~
    The property belongs to her by/as of right.
    | by ~ of
    The Normans ruled England by right of conquest.
    | within your ~s
    You're acting entirely within your rights.
    | ~ of
    the right of assembly/asylum/citizenship/free speech/ownership
    | ~ over
    He claimed full rights over the discovery.
    | ~s for
    equal rights for all
    | ~ to
    Do I have any right to compensation?


    have every right
    She has every right to feel bitter.
    | right of way
    There is no public right of way across the fields.

    3 rights: legal authority/claim to sth


    film, movie, television | translation | foreign | property | mineral | grazing


    acquire, buy, get, obtain | sell
    He sold the film rights for $2 million.
    | have, hold


    all rights reserved
    (= protected or kept for the owner of the book, film, etc.)

    4 right side/direction


    Take a right at the traffic lights.


    from the ~
    Look out for traffic coming from the right.
    | on the ~
    Ours is the first house on the right.
    | to the ~
    Keep over to the right.


    the first/second, etc. right
    Take the first right, and then it's the second turning on your left.
    | from left to right/from right to left
    The books are numbered from right to left.

    5 the right: in politics


    extreme, far


    on the ~
    He's on the extreme right of the party.



    be, feel, look, seem, sound, taste
    The meat doesn't taste right to me.
    | come, turn out
    I'm sure it'll all turn out right in the end.
    | get sth
    He never gets anything right.
    | make sth
    It may be a very easy way to make money, but that doesn't make it right.


    absolutely, dead, exactly, just, quite
    You're dead right. There's nothing we can do. She needs to get everything exactly right for her guests. There's something not quite right about these figures.
    | almost, more or less, nearly
    Don't worry about it?that's more or less right.


    You were quite right about the weather.

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