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rid /rid/
  • ngoại động từ ridded, rid; rid
    • (+ of) giải thoát (cho ai khỏi...)
      • to rid oneself of debt: thoát khỏi nợ nần, giũ sạch nợ nần
      • to get rid of someone (something): tống khứ được ai (cái gì) đi
      • article hard to get rid of: món hàng khó tiêu thụ, món hàng khó bán
Concise Dictionary
+relieve from
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 rid of. deliver from, relieve of, free from or of, rescue, save:
What can we do to rid ourselves of that appalling smell?
2 be or get rid of. banish, exile, eject, expel, dispose of, throw out or away, eliminate, dispense with; refuse, reject, dismiss, shrug off:
If she had wanted to be rid of him, she would have divorced him long ago. I am having a spot of bother trying to get rid of my old car: nobody wants to buy it.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
(ridding, rid, rid)
Idioms: be rid of sb/sth (formal) to be free of sb/sth that has been annoying you or that you do not want: She wanted to be rid of her parents and their authority. + I was glad to be rid of the car when I finally sold it. + (BrE) He was a nuisance and we're all well rid of him (= we'll be much better without him).
get rid of sb/sth to make yourself free of sb/sth that is annoying you or that you do not want; to throw sth away: Try and get rid of your visitors before I get there. + The problem is getting rid of nuclear waste. + I can't get rid of this headache. + We got rid of all the old furniture.
more at WANT v.
Phrasal Verbs: rid sb/sth of sb/sth (written) to remove sth that is causing a problem from a place, group, etc: Further measures will be taken to rid our streets of crime.
rid yourself of sb/sth (formal) to make yourself free from sb/sth that is annoying you or causing you a problem: to rid yourself of fear / guilt / pain + He wanted to rid himself of the burden of the secret.

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