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retaliate /ri'tælieit/
  • động từ
    • trả đũa, trả thù, trả miếng
      • to retaliate upon someone: trả miếng lại ai
Concise Dictionary
+take revenge for a perceived wrong
+make a counterattack and return like for like, especially evil for evil

Thesaurus Dictionary
repay, pay back (in kind), counter, strike back (at), take revenge (on), wreak vengeance (on), revenge oneself (on), avenge, reciprocate, settle a score (with); give a Roland for an Oliver, give tit for tat, take an eye for an eye (and a tooth for a tooth), give as good as one gets, give (someone) a taste of his or her or their own medicine, pay (someone) back in his or her own coin; Colloq get even (with), get back (at):
After government forces bombed their mountain headquarters, the guerrillas retaliated by destroying bridges and railway lines.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
[V] ~ (against sb/sth)
~ (by doing sth / with sth) to do sth harmful to sb because they have harmed you first: to retaliate against an attack / injustice + The boy hit his sister, who retaliated by kicking him.
retaliatory adjective: retaliatory action

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