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resume /ri'zju:m/
  • ngoại động từ
    • lấy lại, chiếm lại, hồi phục lại
      • to resume one's spirits: lấy lại tinh thần, lấy lại can đảm
      • to resume a territory: chiếm lại một lãnh thổ
    • lại bắt đầu, lại tiếp tục (sau khi nghỉ, dừng)
      • to resume work: lại tiếp tục công việc
    • tóm tắt lại, nêu điểm chính
Concise Dictionary
resumes|résumé|résumés|resumed|resumingrɪ'zuːm / -'zjuːm
+short descriptive summary (of events)
+a summary of your academic and work history
+take up or begin anew
+return to a previous location or condition
+assume anew
+give a summary (of)

Thesaurus Dictionary
I v.
continue, carry on, take up again, pick up (where one left off):
After prison, it is not easy to resume one's life where it left off. When the audience quieted, the speaker resumed.
II n.
1 summary, digest, abstract, synopsis, précis, outline, review, recapitulation, epitome, Colloq run-down, recap:
Give me a résumé of what went on at the board meeting.
2 curriculum vitae, CV, summary, biography, work or job history, career description, Formal prosopography, Colloq bio, US vita:
Suitably qualified candidates are invited to send their résumés to the address below.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb (formal)
1 if you resume an activity, or if it resumes, it begins again or continues after an interruption: [VN] to resume talks / negotiations + She resumed her career after an interval of six years. + [V] The noise resumed, louder than before. + There is no sign of the peace talks resuming. + [V -ing] He got back in the car and resumed driving.
2 [VN] ~ your seat / place / position to go back to the seat or place that you had before
+ noun
1 ~ (of sth) a short summary or account of sth: a brief resume of events so far

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