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restrict /ris'trikt/
  • ngoại động từ
    • hạn chế, giới hạn, thu hẹp
      • to restrict the use of alcohol: hạn chế việc dùng rượu
      • to be restricted to a diet: phải ăn kiêng
Concise Dictionary
+place restrictions on
+place under restrictions; limit access to
+place limits on (extent or access)
+make more specific

Thesaurus Dictionary
limit, confine, bound, circumscribe, delimit, mark off, demarcate, regulate; qualify, restrain, impede:
Smoking is allowed only in restricted areas. The opposition party said that they would restrict the movement of heavy goods by road.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb [VN]
1 ~ sth (to sth) to limit the size, amount or range of sth: In Britain speed is restricted to 30 m.p.h. in towns. + We restrict the number of students per class to 10. + Fog severely restricted visibility.
2 to stop sb/sth from moving or acting freely: The long skirt restricted her movements. + Having small children tends to restrict your freedom.
3 ~ sth (to sb) to control sth with rules or laws: Access to the club is restricted to members only.
4 ~ yourself / sb (to sth / to doing sth) to allow yourself or sb to have only a limited amount of sth or to do only a particular kind of activity: I restrict myself to one cup of coffee a day. + Why don't you restrict yourself to setting down the facts?
Collocation Dictionary


greatly, seriously, severely | further
The government is considering new laws which will further restrict people's access to firearms.
| effectively | unduly, unnecessarily | apparently | deliberately


attempt to, seek to, try to | tend to
Having small children tends to restrict your freedom.


I'm restricting myself to one glass of wine a day.


an attempt to restrict sth
attempts to restrict the sale of alcohol
| measures to restrict sth

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