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rest /rest/
  • danh từ
    • sự nghỉ ngơi; lúc nghỉ ngơi; giấc ngủ
      • a day of rest: ngày nghỉ
      • to go (retire) to rest: đi ngủ
      • to take a rest: nghỉ ngơi, đi ngủ
    • sự yên tâm, sự yên lòng, sự thanh thản, sự thư thái (trong tâm hồn)
      • to be at rest: yên tâm, thư thái
      • to set someone's mind at rest: làm cho ai yên lòng
    • sự yên nghỉ (người chết)
      • to be at rest: yên nghỉ (người chết)
      • to lay somebody to rest: đưa ai đến chỗ yên nghỉ cuối cùng, chết
    • sự ngừng lại
      • to bring to rest: cho ngừng lại
    • nơi trú tạm, chỗ nghỉ ngơi (cho những thuỷ thủ, người lái xe...)
    • cái giá đỡ, cái chống, cái tựa
    • (âm nhạc) lặng; dấu lặng
    • to set a question at rest
      • giải quyết một vấn đề
  • nội động từ
    • nghỉ, nghỉ ngơi; ngủ
      • to rest from one's labours: nghỉ làm việc
      • never let the enemy rest: không để cho kẻ địch ngơi một lúc nào
      • to rest on one's oars: tạm nghỉ tay chèo; (nghĩa bóng) nghỉ ngơi
    • yên nghỉ, chết
    • ngừng lại
      • the matter can't here: vấn đề không thể ngừng lại ở đây được
    • (+ on, upon) dựa trên, tựa trên, đặt trên, chống vào ((nghĩa đen) & (nghĩa bóng))
      • the arch rests on two big pillars: khung vòm đặt trên hai cột lớn
      • a heavy responsibility rests upon them: một trách nhiệm nặng nề đè lên vai họ
    • ỷ vào, dựa vào, tin vào
      • to rest on somebody's promise: tin vào lời hứa của ai
    • (+ on, upon) ngưng lại, đọng lại, nhìn đăm đăm vào, mải nhìn (mắt...)
      • the red glow rests on the top of the trees: ánh hồng ngưng lại trên những chòm cây
      • his eyes rested in the crowd: mắt anh ta nhìn đăm đăm vào đám đông
  • ngoại động từ
    • cho nghỉ ngơi
      • to rest one's horse: cho ngựa nghỉ
      • the green light rests the eyes: ánh sang màu lục làm dịu mắt
      • to rest oneself: nghỉ ngơi
    • đặt lên, dựa vào, chống
      • to rest one's elbows on the table: chống khuỷ tay lên bàn
      • to rest a ladder against the wall: dựa thang vào tường
    • dựa trên cơ sở, đặt trên cơ sở, căn cứ vào
      • he rests all his suspicious on that letter: hắn cứ dựa vào bức thư đó mà dặt tất cả sự nghi ngờ
  • danh từ
    • (the rest) vật còn lại, cái còn lại; những người khác, những cái khác
      • and all the rest of it: và tất cả những cái còn lại; và tất cả những cái khác có thể kể ra và vân vân
      • for the rest: về phần còn lại; vả lại; vả chăng
    • (tài chính) quỹ dự trữ
    • (thương nghiệp) sổ quyết toán
    • nội động từ
      • còn, vẫn còn, vẫn cứ, cứ
        • you may rest assured that...: anh có thể cứ tin chắc (yên trí) là...
      • (+ with) tuỳ thuộc vào, tuỳ ở (ai để giải quyết việc gì)
        • the final decision now rests with you: bây giờ quyết định cuối cùng là tuỳ ở anh
    Concise Dictionary
    +something left after other parts have been taken away
    +freedom from activity (work or strain or responsibility)
    +a pause for relaxation
    +a state of inaction
    +euphemisms for death (based on an analogy between lying in a bed and in a tomb)
    +a support on which things can be put
    +a musical notation indicating a silence of a specified duration
    +not move; be in a resting position
    +take a short break from one's activities in order to relax
    +give a rest to
    +have a place in relation to something else
    +be at rest
    +stay the same; remain in a certain state
    +be inherent or innate in;
    +put something in a resting position, as for support or steadying
    +sit, as on a branch
    +rest on or as if on a pillow
    +be inactive, refrain from acting

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 repose, sleep, nap, doze, siesta, slumber, Chiefly Brit lie-down, Colloq forty winks, zizz, snooze; shut-eye:
    I think I'll have a bit of a rest before dinner.
    2 relaxation, intermission, interval, interlude, entr'acte, rest period, cessation, (tea or coffee) break, recess, breather, breathing-spell, respite, time off, holiday, Chiefly US and Canadian vacation:
    Why don't you take a rest for a while?
    3 ease, relaxation, leisure, indolence, idleness, inactivity, loafing, dozing:
    His well-deserved rest was disturbed by an urgent request from Interpol to investigate a smuggling operation
    4 prop, support, holder, brace, trestle, shelf, bracket:
    Those old guns were too heavy to hold and fire without using a rest
    5 come to rest. stop, end up, turn up, arrive:
    The ball rolled down the slope and came to rest in a puddle.
    6 (go to) sleep, doze, relax, take a rest, (take one's) repose, lie down, recline, go or take to one's bed, take one's ease, unwind, loll, languish, laze about, be idle, idle about, lounge, (take a) nap, put one's feet up, Colloq take it easy, snooze, count sheep, have a zizz, catch or grab some shut-eye, get or take forty winks, US catch or log a few zees (Z's), Slang Brit kip, doss down, hit the sack, hit the hay, US sack out:
    Rest now - you'll feel better tomorrow.
    7 reside, be situated, be lodged, lie, be placed, hinge, be found, remain, stay:
    The responsibility for passenger safety rests with the captain and the crew. The blame for this fiasco rests on you
    8 place, position, put, lay, set, lean, prop:
    Rest your head on my shoulder.
    9 lie, remain, stay:
    Can't you let the matter rest?
    10 allay, calm, quiet, still, stay:
    Rest your fears - I shall let nothing happen to you.
    1 remainder, balance; remains, remnants, leftovers, residue, residuum, excess, surplus, overage:
    If you carry these bags, I'll take the rest. Martin bought up all the best books and left the rest for us.
    2 (continue to) be, remain, keep on being:
    Rest assured, the situation is bound to get easier as we go along.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    noun, verb
    + noun
    remaining part / people / things
    1 [sing.] the ~ (of sth) the remaining part of sth: the rest of the world / my life / her money + How would you like to spend the rest of the day? + Take what you want and throw the rest away.
    2 [pl.] the ~ (of sth) the remaining people or things; the others: Don't blame Alex. He's human, like the rest of us. + The first question was difficult, but the rest were pretty easy.
    period of relaxing
    3 [C, U] ~ (from sth) a period of relaxing, sleeping or doing nothing after a period of activity: I had a good night's rest. + We stopped for a well-earned rest. + to have / take a rest from all your hard work + Try to get some rest-you have a busy day tomorrow. + There are no matches tomorrow, which is a rest day, but the tournament resumes on Monday.
    4 [C] (often in compounds) an object that is used to support or hold sth: an armrest (= for example on a seat or chair) + a headrest / footrest
    in music
    5 [C, U] a period of silence between notes; a sign that shows a rest between notes
    Idioms: and (all) the rest (of it) (spoken) used at the end of a list to mean everything else that you might expect to be on the list: She believes in God and heaven and hell and the rest. + He wants a big house and an expensive car and all the rest of it.
    and the rest (spoken) used to say that the actual amount or number of sth is much higher than sb has stated: 'We've run up a cost of 250 quid ...' 'And the rest, and the rest!'
    at rest
    1 (technical) not moving: At rest the insect looks like a dead leaf.
    2 dead and therefore free from trouble or anxiety. People say 'at rest' to avoid saying 'dead': She now lies at rest in the churchyard.
    come to rest to stop moving: The car crashed through the barrier and came to rest in a field. + His eyes came to rest on Clara's face.
    for the rest (BrE, formal) apart from that; as far as other matters are concerned: The book has some interesting passages about the author's childhood. For the rest, it is extremely dull.
    give it a rest (BrE, spoken) used to tell sb to stop talking about sth because they are annoying you: Give it a rest! You've been complaining all day.
    give sth a rest (informal) to stop doing sth for a while
    lay sb to rest to bury sb. People say 'to lay sb to rest' to avoid saying 'to bury' sb: George was laid to rest beside his parents.
    lay / put sth to rest to stop sth by showing it is not true: The announcement finally laid all the speculation about their future to rest.
    the rest is history used when you are telling a story to say that you do not need to tell the end of it, because everyone knows it already
    more at MIND n., WICKED n.
    + verb
    1 to relax, sleep or do nothing after a period of activity or illness; to not use a part of your body for some time: [V] The doctor told me to rest. + I can rest easy (= stop worrying) knowing that she's safely home. + (figurative) He won't rest (= will never be satisfied) until he finds her. + [VN] Rest your eyes every half an hour. + I awoke feeling rested and refreshed.
    2 [VN +adv./prep.] to support sth by putting it on or against sth; to be supported in this way: [V, VN] His chin rested on his hands. + He rested his chin in his hands. + [VN] Rest your head on my shoulder. + [V] Their bikes were resting against the wall.
    be left
    3 if you let a matter rest, you stop discussing it or dealing with it: The matter cannot rest there-I intend to sue. + And there the matter rested until an interested journalist uncovered the file.
    be buried
    4 [V +adv./prep.] to be buried. People say 'rest' to avoid saying 'be buried': She rests beside her husband in the local cemetery. + May he rest in peace.
    See also - RIP
    Idioms: I rest my case (spoken, law or humorous) to have no more to say about sth, especially because you think you have proved your point
    rest assured (that ...) (formal) used to emphasize that what you say is true or will definitely happen: You may rest assured that we will do all we can to find him.
    more at GOD, LAUREL
    Phrasal Verbs: rest on / upon sb/sth
    1 to depend or rely on sb/sth: All our hopes now rest on you.
    2 to look at sb/sth: Her eyes rested on the piece of paper in my hand.
    rest on sth to be based on sth: The whole argument rests on a false assumption.
    rest with sb (to do sth) (formal) if it rests with sb to do sth, it is their responsibility to do it: It rests with management to justify their actions. + The final decision rests with the doctors.
    Collocation Dictionary


    complete | good, long | little, short | well-deserved, well-earned | bed
    She's on complete bed rest, antibiotics and plenty of fluids.


    get, have, take
    Her heart would find no rest until she knew the truth. Get some rest while you can. I had a good long rest before the party.
    | need | come to
    The ball rolled down the hill and came to rest against a tree.


    day, period | area | home


    at ~
    At rest (= when not moving)the insect looks like a dead leaf.
    | ~ from
    The doctor advised him to take a complete rest from football.


    a day of rest

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