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respond /ris'pɔns/
  • nội động từ
    • phản ứng lại
      • to respond with a blow: đập lại bằng một đòn
    • đáp lại, hưởng ứng (lời kêu gọi, sự đối xử tốt...)
      • to respond to the appeal: hưởng ứng lời kêu gọi
      • to respond to someone's kindness: đáp lại lòng tốt của ai
Concise Dictionary
responds|responded|respondingrɪ'spɑnd /-'spɒnd
+show a response or a reaction to something
+reply or respond to
+respond favorably or as hoped

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 answer, reply, come back, return, react, reciprocate, counter; rejoin, retort:
When Sean insulted her, Una responded with a slap to his face. I said, 'Good morning!' and Adrian responded, 'What's good about it?'
2 Often, respond to. be responsive (to), react (to), empathize (with), sympathize (with), commiserate (with), feel for, pity, be affected or moved or touched (by):
Many respond to those charity appeals for the crippled and disabled.

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