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resolve /ri'zɔlv/
  • danh từ
    • quyết tâm, ý kiên quyết
      • to take a great resolve to shrink from no difficulty: kiên quyết không lùi bước trước một khó khăn nào
  • động từ
    • kiên quyết (làm gì)
      • to be resolved: kiên quyết
    • quyết định
    • giải quyết (khó khăn, vấn đề, mối nghi ngờ...)
    • (hoá học) phân giải, phân tích, chuyển (sang một trạng thái khác)
      • water may be resolved into oxygen and hydrogen: nước có thể phân tích thành ôxy và hyđro
    • tiêu độc, tiêu tan
    • (âm nhạc) chuyển sang thuận tai
    • (toán học) giải (bài toán...)
Concise Dictionary
resolves|resolved|resolvingrɪ'zɑlv /-'zɒlv
+the trait of being resolute
+a formal expression by a meeting; agreed to by a vote
+bring to an end; settle conclusively
+reach a conclusion after a discussion or deliberation
+reach a decision
+understand the meaning of
+make clearly visible
+find the solution
+cause to go into a solution

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 determine, decide, make up one's mind, agree, undertake, settle, fix, conclude:
When did you resolve to move to Australia? Let us resolve never to let this happen again
2 work out, figure out, solve, clear up, answer:
How have you resolved the problem of looking after the cats while you are away?
3 adopt, pass, approve, decide:
It was resolved that membership fees should be raised.
4 resolve into. change into, convert into, alter into, transform into, transmute into, metamorphose into, be convert(ed) into, become, dissolve into, break down into, liquefy into, disintegrate into, reduce to or into:
O, that this too too solid flesh would melt, Thaw, and resolve itself into a dew!
5 See resolution, 1, above.
6 See resolution, 2, above:
She kept her resolve never to marry again.
Advanced English Dictionary
verb, noun
+ verb (written)
1 [VN] to find a satisfactory solution to a problem or difficulty: to resolve an issue / a dispute / a conflict / a crisis + Attempts are being made to resolve the problem of security in schools. + Both sides met in order to try to resolve their differences. + Be patient and the situation may resolve itself.
2 ~ (on sth / on doing sth) to make a firm decision to do sth: [V to inf] He resolved not to tell her the truth. + [V (that)] She resolved (that) she would never see him again. + [V] We had resolved on making an early start.
3 (of a committee, meeting, etc.) to reach a decision by means of a formal vote: [V that] It was resolved that the matter be referred to a higher authority. + [V to inf] The Supreme Council resolved to resume control over the national press.
Phrasal Verbs: resolve into sth
resolve sth into sth
1 to separate or to be separated into its parts: to resolve a complex argument into its basic elements
2 (of sth seen or heard at a distance) to gradually turn into a different form when it is seen or heard more clearly: The orange light resolved itself into four lanterns.
3 to gradually become or be understood as sth: The discussion eventually resolved itself into two main issues.
+ noun [U] ~ (to do sth) (formal) strong determination to achieve sth
The difficulties in her way merely strengthened her resolve. + The government reiterated its resolve to uncover the truth. + It was a test of his stamina and resolve. + She did not weaken in her resolve.
Collocation Dictionary


completely, fully
The matter is not yet fully resolved.
| successfully | adequately, satisfactorily | amicably, peacefully
We hope that the dispute can be resolved peacefully.
| easily, readily | quickly, rapidly, speedily | immediately | eventually, finally, ultimately


attempt to, take steps to, try to | be unable to, fail to
The two countries have failed to resolve their differences on this.
| help (to) | be difficult to


The crisis was finally resolved through high-level negotiations.


an attempt/effort to resolve sth
They met in a last-ditch attempt to resolve their differences.
| a means/method/way of resolving sth

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