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resist /ri'zist/
  • danh từ
    • chất cản màu (phết vào vải để cho thuốc nhuộm không ăn ở những chỗ không cần nhuộm màu)
    • động từ
      • kháng cự, chống lại
        • to resist an attack: chống lại một cuộc tấn công
        • to resist a disease: chống lại bệnh tật
      • chịu đựng được, chịu được
        • to resist heat: chịu được nóng
      • cưỡng lại, không mắc phải
        • to resist a bad habit: cưỡng lại một thói quen xấu
      • ((thường) phủ định) nhịn được
        • I can't resist good coffee: cà phê ngon thì tôi không nhịn được
        • he can never resist a joke: nó không thể nào nhịn được đùa; nó không thể nào nhịn cười được khi nghe một câu chuyện đùa
    Concise Dictionary
    +elude, especially in a baffling way
    +stand up or offer resistance to somebody or something
    +express opposition through action or words
    +withstand the force of something
    +resist immunologically the introduction of some foreign tissue or organ
    +refuse to comply

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 stop, hinder, prevent, hold out (against), be proof (against), keep or hold at bay, hold the line (against), thwart, impede, block, obstruct, inhibit, restrain, preclude, check, control, curb, stem, bridle, hold back, withstand, weather, last (against), endure, outlast, stand up (to or against); combat, fight (against), battle, countervail (against), counteract, oppose, rebuff, defy:
    He was jailed for attempting to resist arrest. It is pointless to resist
    2 refuse, deny, turn down, forgo:
    I cannot resist a rich sweet for dessert.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    + verb
    1 to refuse to accept sth and try to stop it from happening: [VN] to resist change + They are determined to resist pressure to change the law. + She steadfastly resisted all attempts to help her. + I believe we should resist calls for tighter controls. + [V -ing] The bank strongly resisted cutting interest rates. [also V]
    2 to fight back when attacked; to use force to stop sth from happening: [V] He tried to pin me down, but I resisted. + [VN] She was charged with resisting arrest.
    3 (usually in negative sentences) to stop yourself from having sth you like or doing sth you very much want to do: [VN] I finished the cake. I couldn't resist it. + I found the temptation to miss the class too hard to resist. + Eric couldn't resist a smile when she finally agreed. + [V -ing] He couldn't resist showing off his new car. [also V]
    4 [VN] to not be harmed or damaged by sth: A healthy diet should help your body resist infection. + This new paint is designed to resist heat.
    Collocation Dictionary


    fiercely, firmly, resolutely, strenuously, strongly, vigorously | successfully
    They successfully resisted pressure from their competitors to increase prices.
    | naturally
    People naturally resist change.
    | stubbornly | passively
    The civil population passively resisted.
    | physically | at first, initially, so far
    He has so far resisted pressure to resign.


    be able/unable to, can/could (hardly), can't/couldn't (easily)
    She could hardly resist the urge to turn and run. Trends in the national economy confront firms with pressures they cannot easily resist.
    | can/could never, can/could no longer | be difficult to, be hard to, be impossible to | try to | manage to | be determined to | be helpless to, be powerless to
    She was powerless to resist the attraction that she felt to him.
    | tend to


    the strength to resist sth

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