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reside /ri'zaid/
  • nội động từ
    • ở tại, trú ngụ, cư trú
      • to reside in HangBong street: ở tại phố Hàng Bông
      • to reside abroad: trú ngụ tại nước ngoài
      • the difficulty resides in this...: (nghĩa bóng) khó khăn là ở chỗ...
    • (+ in) thuộc về (thẩm quyền, quyền hạn...)
      • the right to decide the matter resides in the Supreme Court: quyền quyết định vấn đề thuộc về toà án tối cao
Concise Dictionary
+make one's home in a particular place or community
+live (in a certain place)
+be inherent or innate in;

Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
[V +adv./prep.] (formal) to live in a particular place: He returned to Britain in 1939, having resided abroad for many years. + Do you still reside at Elm Road? + Their passports do not give them the right to reside in Britain.
Phrasal Verbs: reside in sb/sth to be in sb/sth; to be caused by sth: The poem's main interest resides in the use of dialect. + The source of the problem resides in the fact that the currency is too strong.
reside in / with sb/sth (of a power, a right, etc.) to belong to sb/sth: The ultimate authority resides with the board of directors.

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