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resent /ri'zent/
  • ngoại động từ
    • phẫn uất, oán giận
    • phật ý, không bằng lòng, bực bội
      • to resent criticism: không bằng lòng phê bình
      • to resent a bit of fun: phật ý vì một câu nói đùa
Concise Dictionary
+feel bitter or indignant about
+wish ill or allow unwillingly

Thesaurus Dictionary
feel embittered or bitter about, feel envious or jealous of, begrudge, have hard feelings about, be displeased or disgruntled at, be angry about:
I resent having to go to work while you sit about the house all day.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
to feel bitter or angry about sth, especially because you feel it is unfair: [VN] I deeply resented her criticism. + The children resented the new woman in their father's life. + [V -ing] He bitterly resents being treated like a child. + [VN -ing] She resented him making all the decisions. + (formal) She resented his making all the decisions.
Collocation Dictionary


bitterly, deeply, greatly, strongly
She bitterly resented the fact that her husband had been so successful.
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