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repulse /ri'pʌls/
  • danh từ
    • (quân sự) sự đẩy lùi (một cuộc tấn công)
      • to inflict a repulse: đẩy lùi (cuộc tấn công)
      • to meet with (suffer) a repulse: bị đẩy lùi
    • sự từ chối, sự cự tuyệt
    • ngoại động từ
      • (quân sự) đánh lui, đẩy lùi
        • to repulse an attack: đánh lui một cuộc tấn công
      • đánh bại (ai) trong cuộc bút chiến, đánh bại (ai) trong cuộc tranh luận
      • từ chối, cự tuyệt
        • to repulse a request: từ chối một lời yêu cầu
        • to repulse someone's friendly advances: cự tuyệt sự làm thân của ai
    Concise Dictionary
    +an instance of driving away or warding off
    +force or drive back
    +be repellent to; cause aversion in
    +cause to move back by force or influence

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 repel, rebuff, drive back, ward off, fight or beat off, check:
    With a mighty effort, they were able to repulse the attacking forces
    2 refuse, spurn, snub, reject, rebuff, fend off, resist, turn down, give the cold shoulder to:
    She repulsed his offer of marriage, and he left, never to see her again.
    3 rejection, rebuff, refusal, denial, snub, cold shoulder, spurning:
    Alistair told himself he could not accept another repulse.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    + verb [VN] (formal)
    1 [usually passive] to make sb feel disgust or strong dislike
    Synonym: REPEL
    I was repulsed by the horrible smell.
    2 to fight sb who is attacking you and drive them away
    Synonym: REPEL
    to repulse an attack / invasion / offensive
    3 to refuse to accept sb's help, attempts to be friendly, etc: Each time I tried to help I was repulsed. + She repulsed his advances.

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