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reproach /ri'proutʃ/
  • danh từ
    • sự trách mắng, sự quở trách; lời trách mắng, lời quở trách
      • to heap reproaches upon someone: mắng ai như tát nước
    • điều sỉ nhục, điều nhục nhâ, điều đáng xấu hổ
      • to be a reproach to...: là một điều xỉ nhục cho...; là một điều làm xấu hổ cho...
      • to bring reproach upon (on): làm nhục, làm xấu hổ cho
  • ngoại động từ
    • trách mắng, quở trách
      • he reproached me with carelessness: anh ta quở trách tôi về tội cẩu thả
Concise Dictionary
+a mild rebuke or criticism
+disgrace or shame
+express criticism towards
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, verb
+ noun (formal)
1 [U] blame or criticism for sth you have done: His voice was full of reproach. + The captain's behaviour is above / beyond reproach (= you cannot criticize it).
2 [C] a word or remark expressing blame or criticism: He listened to his wife's bitter reproaches.
3 [U] a state of shame or loss of honour: Her actions brought reproach upon herself.
4 [sing.] ~ (to sb/sth) a person or thing that brings shame on sb/sth: Such living conditions are a reproach to our society.
+ verb (formal)
1 ~ sb (for sth / for doing sth)
~ sb (with sth / with doing sth) to blame or criticize sb for sth that they have done or not done, because you are disappointed in them: [VN] She was reproached by colleagues for leaking the story to the press. [also V speech, VN speech]
2 [VN] ~ yourself (for sth / for doing sth)
~ yourself (with sth) to feel guilty about sth that you think you should have done differently: He reproached himself for not telling her the truth.
Collocation Dictionary


bitter | mild
There was mild reproach in his tone.


beyond/above ~
Her conduct had always been beyond reproach.
| with ~
He glanced at her with reproach.
| ~ about
There was no reproach about his failure to turn up.
| ~ to
Paul saw this as a reproach to himself.


full of reproach
Her voice was full of reproach.
| a look of reproach
He gave Helen a look of bitter reproach.
| a word of reproach
She had never uttered a word of reproach.

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