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repair /ri'peə/
  • danh từ
    • sự sửa chữa, sự tu sửa
      • to be under repair: đang được sửa chữa
      • to be beyond repair: không thể sửa chữa được nữa
      • repairs done while you wait: sửa lấy ngay
    • sự hồi phục
      • repair of one's health: sự hồi phục sức khoẻ
    • tình trạng sử dụng được, tình trạng còn tốt
      • to be in good repair: con tốt
      • to be out of repair: không dùng được
      • to keep in good repair: giữ gìn tốt
  • ngoại động từ
    • sửa chữa (máy móc), tu sửa (nhà cửa); vá (quần áo)
    • sửa, chuộc (lỗi)
      • to repair an error: sửa một sai lầm
    • đền bù (thiệt hại)
      • to repair a loss: đền bù sự thiệt hại
    • hồi phục sức khoẻ
    • dùng đến
      • to repair to some expedient to do something: dùng đến mưu chước gì để làm việc
  • danh từ
    • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) sự năng lui tới, sự vãng lai
      • to have repair to a place: năng lui tơi một nơi nào
      • place of great repair: nơi đông người lui tới
  • nội động từ
    • đi đến, năng lui tới (nơi nào)
      • to repair to a place: đi đến nơi nào, năng lui tới nơi nào
Concise Dictionary
+the act of putting something in working order again
+a formal way of referring to the condition of something
+a frequently visited place
+restore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken
+make amends for; pay compensation for
+move, travel, or proceed toward some place
+set straight or right
+give new life or energy to

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 mend, patch (up); renew, put or set right, restore, fix (up), service, put (back) in or into working order, vamp, revamp, adjust:
Can you repair the tear in my trousers? I must remember to ask the garage to repair the brakes on my car.
2 mend, patch; restoration, fixing (up), servicing, improvement, adjustment, renovation, revamping, renewal:
The cost of the repairs to our roof after the storm was covered by our insurance
3 form, condition, fettle, state, working order, Colloq shape, Brit nick:
The engine, I'm afraid, has not been kept in good repair.
Advanced English Dictionary
verb, noun
+ verb [VN]
1 to mend sth that is broken, damaged or torn: to repair a car / roof / road / television + It's almost 15 years old. It isn't worth having it repaired. + The human body has an amazing capacity to repair itself.
2 to say or do sth in order to improve a bad or unpleasant situation: It was too late to repair the damage done to their relationship. + The home team did well to repair a bad start.
Phrasal Verbs: repair to ... (formal or humorous) to go to a particular place: He repaired to his study for some peace and quiet.
+ noun [C, U] an act of repairing sth: They agreed to pay the costs of any repairs. + I took my bike in for repair. + The building was in need of repair. + a TV repair shop + The car was damaged beyond repair (= it was too badly damaged to be repaired). + The hotel is currently under repair (= being repaired). + The bridge will remain closed until essential repair work has been carried out.
Idioms: in good, bad, etc. repair
in a good, bad, etc. state of repair (formal) in good, etc. condition: The house is not in good repair.
Collocation Dictionary


considerable, extensive, major | minor | essential, necessary, vital | emergency, immediate, urgent | quick, rapid | constant | temporary | running
The rally drivers carried small tool-kits for making running repairs.
| building, house/housing, roof, structural | car, motorway, road, vehicle | electrical, TV | shoe


carry out, do, make | complete
It is unlikely that the repairs will be completed on time.
| be in need of, need, require | be closed for
The museum is currently closed for structural repairs.
| undergo
The highway is undergoing major repairs.


cost sth


work | job
The damage meant a nine-month repair job.
| bill, cost | centre, facility, garage, shop, yard
a repair yard for fishing boats
| man
Why don't you get a TV repair man to have a look at it before you buy a new one?
| kit


beyond ~
The gearbox was damaged beyond repair.
| under ~
We were given a courtesy car to use while our car was under repair.
| ~ to
to carry out repairs to the railway track


a backlog of repairs
Investment is needed to reduce the backlog of repairs.
| in good/poor repair
The tools are old but in good repair.
| keep sth in (good) repair
As a tenant you are required to keep the house in good repair.
| repair and maintenance
They are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the buildings.
| a … state of repair
The barn was in a poor state of repair.



properly, successfully
Most of the damage has now been successfully repaired.
| poorly | extensively | completely | partially | quickly | regularly


try to | help (to)
Natural vitamins in the shampoo will help repair damaged hair.


the cost of repairing sth
They estimate the cost of repairing the damaged roads at £1 million.
| have sth repaired
I'm having my car repaired next week.

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