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rental /'rentl/
  • danh từ
    • tiền cho thuê (nhà, đất); lợi tức cho thuê (nhà đất); lợi tức thu tô (ruộng đất)
    • tiền thuê (nhà đất)
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 (also rent especially in AmE) [U, C, usually sing.] the amount of money that you pay to use sth for a particular period of time: Telephone charges include line rental.
2 [U] the act of renting sth or an arrangement to rent sth: the world's largest car rental company + video rental + (especially AmE) a rental car + a minimum rental period of three months
Compare: HIRE
3 [C] (especially AmE) a house, car, or piece of equipment that you can rent: 'Is this your own car?' 'No, it's a rental.'
Collocation Dictionary


annual, monthly, weekly | short term | car, line, telephone, television, video
The phone bill gives a breakdown of the cost of the line rental and of calls.


company | terms | charge, fee, payment | income | accommodation

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