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renewal /ri'nju:əl/
  • danh từ
    • sự phụ hồi, sự khôi phục, sự tái sinh
    • sự thay mới, sự đổi mới
    • sự làm lại, sự nối lại, sự nhắc lại, sự tiếp tục lại
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun [U, C]
1 ~ (of sth) a situation in which sth begins again after a pause or an interruption: a renewal of interest in traditional teaching methods
2 the act of making a contract, etc. valid for a further period of time after it has finished: The lease comes up for renewal at the end of the month. + the renewal date / fee
3 a situation in which sth is replaced, improved or made more successful: economic renewal + urban renewal (= the act of improving the buildings, etc. in a particular area)
Collocation Dictionary


annual | cultural, economic, national, physical, religious, spiritual, urban
an urban renewal programme in the city centre


He sought renewal of the grant. to seek spiritual renewal
| apply for | obtain
to obtain a renewal of the certificate
| bring (about)
They felt the need to bring about a renewal of society.
| be/fall due for, come up for
Her contract is coming up for renewal in the autumn.


programme, project | date | notice
If you have any queries, please contact us on the number shown on your policy or last renewal notice.
| fee

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