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removed /ri'mu:vd/
  • tính từ
    • xa, xa cách, khác biệt
      • they are not many degrees removed from the brute: bọn chúng cũng chẳng khác biệt loài thú vật là bao nhiêu
    • first cousin once (twice) removed
      • (xem) cousin
Concise Dictionary
+degree of figurative distance or separation
+remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract
+remove from a position or an office
+dispose of
+cause to leave
+shift the position or location of, as for business, legal, educational, or military purposes
+go away or leave
+kill intentionally and with premeditation
+get rid of something abstract

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 take off, doff, shed, cast off:
Gentlemen are requested to remove their hats in her presence.
2 take away, get rid of, carry away or off, shift; transfer:
When I arrived this morning, my desk had been removed. The threat of war has been removed. Kindly remove your elbows from the table
3 obliterate, delete, erase, expunge, eradicate, efface, eliminate, take off, wipe or rub out, wipe or rub off, get rid of:
Use chemicals to remove the graffiti from the wall.
4 murder, assassinate, kill, slay, execute, exterminate, eliminate, liquidate, eradicate, massacre, slaughter, do away with, dispose of, get rid of, purge, Slang rub or wipe out, do in, bump off, US waste:
We brought in some of the boys to remove the competition.
5 discharge, dismiss, depose, unseat, displace, expel, oust, turn out, get rid of, purge, Colloq fire, sack, kick out:
Andrews must be removed from his job before he does any more harm.
6 relocate, move, transfer, shift:
I removed to a quieter place where I could write in peace.
7 take out, unfasten, detach, disconnect, separate, undo:
They have to remove the transmission to overhaul it.
8 distance, space, interval, separation:
They tried to keep the girls and the boys at some remove from one another.

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