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reluctance /ri'lʌktəns/
  • danh từ
    • sự miễn cưỡng, sự bất đắc dĩ, sự không thích, sự không sẵn lòng (làm việc gì)
      • to show reluctance do do something: tỏ ra không sẵn lòng làm việc gì
      • to affect reluctance: làm ra bộ miễn cưỡng
    • (điện học) từ tr
Concise Dictionary
+(physics) opposition to magnetic flux (analogous to electric resistance)
+a certain degree of unwillingness

Thesaurus Dictionary
unwillingness, disinclination, aversion, dislike, disrelish, hesitancy:
Cooper's reluctance to leave before the end of the play was understandable.
Collocation Dictionary


considerable, deep, extreme, great, marked | certain
I noticed a certain reluctance among the teachers.
| increased | clear, evident, obvious | apparent | initial | growing | continued/continuing | general | natural, understandable


have | display, express, indicate, reflect, show
His designs indicate a reluctance to conform to fashion. She showed considerable reluctance to leave.
| pretend | overcome | notice, sense | understand
I can quite understand your reluctance to talk about what happened to you.
| explain
These political tensions explain the reluctance of financiers to invest in the region.


with ~
With great reluctance, we have come to the decision to close the hospital.
| ~ by/on the part of
reluctance by insurers to keep paying out heavy claims


a show of reluctance
With a great show of reluctance, the government granted independence to the colony.
| a sign of reluctance

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