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relic /'relik/
  • danh từ
    • (tôn giáo) thành tích
    • di tích, di vật
      • a relic of early civilization: di tích của một nền văn minh
    • (số nhiều) di hài
Concise Dictionary
+an antiquity that has survived from the distant past
+something of sentimental value

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 memento, keepsake, memorial, remembrance, souvenir, heirloom, token, artefact or artifact:
It has been argued again and again that the Turin shroud, though old, is not a genuine relic of Christ
2 remains; fragment, trace, scrap, shard or sherd, remnant:
Deep in the jungle, archaeologists unearthed relics of a previously unknown civilization.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 ~ (of / from sth) an object, a tradition, etc. that has survived from a period of time that no longer exists: The building stands as the last remaining relic of the town's cotton industry. + The pictures on the walls were relics from the days before her marriage.
2 a part of the body or clothing of a holy person, or sth that they owned, that is kept after their death and respected as a religious object: holy / sacred relics
Collocation Dictionary


ancient | last
It was the last relic of the old system.
| historic/historical | precious | holy, religious, sacred, saintly


The relics were discovered in a lead box in the ruins of an abbey.
| shelter
A shrine was constructed to shelter the relics.
| remove
The duke secretly removed the relics from the reliquary.


This silver belt buckle is the only relic of the imprisoned soldiers that survives.


~ from
Most of these guns are relics from the Boer War.


a relic of an age/a time
relics of a bygone age a relic of the time when people travelled by horse and carriage
| a relic of the past
They believe that hunting is a relic of the past and are calling for it to be banned.

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