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relax /ri'læks/
  • ngoại động từ
    • nới lỏng, lơi ra
      • to relax one's hold: buông lỏng ra, nới lỏng ra
      • relax discipline: nới lỏng kỷ luật
    • làm dịu đi, làm chùng, làm bớt căng thẳng
      • to relax tension: làm tình hình bớt căng thẳng
    • làm giãn ra, làm cho dễ chịu, giải (trí)
      • to relax one's mind: giải trí
      • to relax one's muscles: làm giảm bắp cơ
    • giảm nhẹ (hình phạt)
    • làm yếu đi, làm suy nhược
    • (y học) làm nhuận (tràng)
      • to relax the bowels: làm nhuận tràng
  • nội động từ
    • lỏng ra, chùng ra, giân ra (gân cốt bắp cơ)
    • giảm bớt, nguôi đi, bớt căng thẳng, dịu đi
      • anger relaxes: cơn giận nguôi đi
      • his features relaxed: nét mặt anh dịu đi
      • world tension relaxes: tình hình thế giới bớt căng thẳng
    • giải trí, nghỉ ngơi
      • to relax for an hour: giải trí trong một tiếng đồng h
Concise Dictionary
+become less tense, rest, or take one's ease
+make less tight
+become loose or looser or less tight
+cause to feel relaxed
+become less tense, less formal, or less restrained, and assume a friendlier manner
+make less severe or strict
+become less severe or strict
+make less active or fast

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 loosen, let go, release, let up (on), relieve, ease, reduce, moderate, slacken, remit, Colloq ease up on, slacken up on:
He relaxed his grip on the rope and fell to his death on the rocks below
2 diminish, decrease, lessen, reduce, abate, weaken, mitigate, modify, tone down, moderate, modulate, lighten (up on), check, temper, curb:
We must not relax our vigilance. I hope that they don't relax the regulations concerning smoking in the office
3 ease up, slow down, loosen up, put one's feet up, rest, unbend, Colloq take it easy, unwind:
Why not come for a weekend and relax a bit?
4 calm down, cool down, quiet down, stay calm, cool and collected, Colloq take it easy, Slang cool it:
You ought to relax and not get so excited.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 [V] ~ (with sth) to rest while you are doing sth enjoyable, especially after work or effort: When I get home from work I like to relax with a glass of wine. + Just relax and enjoy the movie. + I'm going to spend the weekend just relaxing.
2 to become or make sb become calmer and less worried: [V] I'll only relax when I know you're safe. + Relax! Everything will be OK. [also VN]
3 to become or make sth become less tight or stiff: [V] Allow your muscles to relax completely. + [VN] The massage relaxed my tense back muscles. + He relaxed his grip on her arm. + (figurative) The dictator refuses to relax his grip on power.
4 [VN] to allow rules, laws, etc. to become less strict: The council has relaxed the ban on dogs in city parks.
5 [VN] to allow your attention or effort to become weaker: You cannot afford to relax your concentration for a moment.
Collocation Dictionary


Deeply relax all your muscles.
| completely, totally | a little, slightly | just, simply
Just relax and take it easy.
| gradually, slowly
He gradually relaxed and began to enjoy himself.
| consciously
She realized how tense she was and consciously relaxed.
| visibly


begin to | try to
Just try to relax completely.
| learn to | help sb (to)
Use music to help you relax.
| make sb | appear to, seem to
Julie seems to be relaxing a little now.


Jenna relaxed against the pillows.
| into
His severe expression relaxed into a half-smile.


lie/sit back and relax, relax and enjoy sth/yourself

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