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reinforce /,ri:in'fɔ:s/
  • ngoại động từ
    • tăng cường, củng cố; tăng viện; tăng thêm sức mạnh
      • to reinforce a fortress: củng cố pháo đài
      • to reinforce troops at the from: tăng viện cho mặt trận
      • to reinforce one's argument: làm cho lý lẽ mạnh thêm lên
  • danh từ
    • cái làm cho vững chắc thêm; đại củng cố
    • (quân sự) phần gia tăng nòng (súng đại bác)
Concise Dictionary
reinforces|reinforced|reinforcing‚rɪːɪn'fɔrs /-'fɔːs
+make stronger
+strengthen and support with rewards

Thesaurus Dictionary
strengthen, buttress, bolster, support, fortify, prop (up), shore up, augment, brace, stay, steel:
The bookshelf needs to be reinforced with another bracket, or it'll fall down.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb [VN]
1 to make a feeling, an idea, etc. stronger: The experience reinforced my sense of loss. + Such jokes tend to reinforce racial stereotypes. + The climate of political confusion has only reinforced the country's economic decline. + Success in the talks will reinforce his reputation as an international statesman.
2 to make a structure or material stronger, especially by adding another material to it: All buildings are now reinforced to withstand earthquakes. + reinforced plastic / steel
3 to send more people or equipment in order to make an army, etc. stronger: The UN has undertaken to reinforce its military presence along the borders.
Collocation Dictionary

1 support sth that already exists


enormously, greatly, massively, powerfully, strongly
This report strongly reinforces the view that the system must be changed.
| further | merely, only, simply
All this simply reinforces my earlier point.
| constantly, continually, continuously, repeatedly | implicitly | mutually
Violent behaviour and rejection by society are mutually reinforcing.
| unwittingly | positively


help (to), serve to, tend to

2 make sth stronger




The door was built of oak, heavily reinforced with iron.

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